As a volunteer-run museum and non-profit, we are funded entirely by donations

Girl Museum is supported by many generous individuals who have donated any amount of money to help fund our programs and continued operations—they are our Patrons.

It is because of these people that we are able to give girls everywhere a space of their own -- where their history, culture, and achievements are preserved and celebrated, and where we can advocate for the rights and inclusion of girls on a global scale.

We humbly thank them all.

Become a Patron

If you would like to join this list, please consider making an investment in Girl Museum.

Exhibition Benefactors



Projects Patrons


Rachel Devlin

Website Champions


Dave and Carol Remer

Girl News Advocates


Ross Corbett
Teri Abstein
Miriam Forman-Brunell
Chad Townsend
Lisa Wade

GirlSpeak Podcast Sponsors


Mary Celeste Kearney
Victoria Esson
Tiffany Rhoades-Isselhardt
Kathleen Weidmann
Alisdair Corbett

Friends & Education Supporters

($1 to $49)


Victoria Patterson
Mer Al
Ethan Angelica
Mary Case
Krista Comer
Kris Coppieters
Tristan Derringher
Jessica Bailey
Jacob Fleming
Elaine Gurian
Hillary Hanel
Lauren Hill
Julie Ann
Michael Isselhardt
Jan Knauer
Kenny and Alison
Elline Lipkin
Sara Morsey

Ilana Nash
Darrell Perry
Marcy Troescher
Mercedes Pino
Tiffany Rhoades-Isselhardt
Sioux Remer
Ross Corbett
Megan Smolenyak
David Staller
Jennifer Storer
Paul Orselli
Lynda & Gerald Troy
Angela Turnbull
Linda Tyler
Wouter Coppieters
Susan Weidmann
JR Welker
Louise Wood

Become a Patron

Want to support an awesome cause dedicated to celebrating and inspiring girls?

Make an investment in Girl Museum today!

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