Meet Our Team

Everyone at Girl Museum is a volunteer, making what we do even more vital and important because it is done for its own reward. We have a wonderful team of the most dedicated and creative individuals making Girl Museum happen. 

Hillary HanelHillary Hanel
Museum Education Advisor

Hillary spent her childhood days adventuring in the great outdoors, and the evenings curled up with a good book. Girly activities such as dolls (those with historical stories are the best) and Girl Scouts were also a top priority. She has always loved traveling, and is sure to make time for museum visits on her trips. She has experience working in children's and natural history museums and has an MA in Museum Studies. She teaches high school history and university-level museum studies.

Sarah JacksonSarah Jackson
Communications Officer

When Sarah was a little girl, her heroine was She-Ra, Princess of Power. Having learnt that it would be impossible to grow up into a warrior princess with a flying and talking unicorn sidekick, she instead studied Classical Civilisations, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage Studies, and is now hoping to work in the heritage industry, using the past as a frame and guide to help today’s and future generations understand themselves and the world.

Tiffany Rhoades

Tiffany Rhoades
Program Developer

Tiffany spent her childhood visiting old plantations, playing in the water and with her dogs, watching Indiana Jones, and reading tons of books. She turned her passions into  a graduate degree in Public History, specializing in exhibitions, interpretation, and administration. She currently works in higher education, and still spends a lot of time in old houses, playing with dogs, and reading into the wee hours of the morning.

Chloe Turner

Chloe Turner
Volunteer & Instagram Manager

Chloe spent her childhood years surrounded by Pokemon cards and building dens in trees with her cat, Katie. Today she is living in London, graduated from a Museum Studies masters, armed by her overflowing bookshelf and copious cups of coffee. Inspired by feminism, she is devoted to learn and share stories of powerful girls and women. She now longs to live in Berlin, with a puppy, writing about museums and culture.


Katie Weidmann

Katie Weidmann
Social Media Manager

A writer, feminist, environmentalist, and all-around “ist,” Katie is continually looking for ways to use her English Literature and Museum Studies degrees to solve the problems of the world. Her passion for the arts and education has taken her on overseas adventures that continue to inspire her work.


Our team would not be complete without our wonderful interns. The Junior Girls and Junior Boys, as we call them, have produced incredible work for us - much of which focuses on their own research interests and career goals. Many have gone on to pursue wonderful museum careers, advanced degrees, and families. 

Explore our current interns below, and learn about our past interns using the toggle for "Former Junior Girls."


Junior Girl Devon Allen of Girl Museum

Devon Allen - Curatorial

Devon is a recent MA Classical Studies graduate who spent her degree looking at Greek Mythology, the women involved in it and how it was then applied to ancient greek culture. She loves to travel around the world which has given her a deep interest in the mythology and ancient cultures of other countries as well, particularly with their representation of girls and women in their folklore stories. She's currently researching the connection between ancient creatures and the folklore character of a mermaid before applying for PhD study.

Claire Amundson

Claire Amundson - Curatorial / Education

Claire grew up in rainy Wales - the land of dragons, daffodils, male voice choirs, and rugby!  Always having been interested in teaching others, she pursued a career in education after studying for an undergraduate degree in History and Music. This led to an education traineeship at a museum in the beautiful Lake District that brought all her passions together. She loves traveling and learning about different cultures, both past and present; and has travelled to Russia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia doing just this. The next stop is to travel to Scandinavia where she plans on delving into Viking history and discovering more about her family roots. Claire is passionate about making heritage accessible to everyone and helping communities learn about their past, different cultures, and the fascinating objects that are part of museum collections.


Jocelyn Anderson Wood

Jocelyn Anderson Wood - Curatorial

I grew up in Surrey in the South of England and spent most of my childhood pond-dipping and reading fantasy books.  I became interested in feminism in my teens, and throughout my undergraduate studies in History of Art and then Museum Studies at the University of East Anglia, I relished in learning about other cultures and became interested in the representation of minority groups in museums.

I enjoy running, yoga and playing Minecraft, and work in a museum in Kingston-Upon-Hull, UK.  Facilitating access to history and heritage is really important to me and is one of the reasons I'm excited to get writing again for Girl Museum!

Sarinda Bains childhood photo

Sarinda Bains - Volunteer, Marketing

I grew up loving books and reading – my parents used to think I was bored because I was so quiet as a child, but I honestly couldn’t have been happier than when I was hiding behind the sofa in my make-shift den with a book.

As I’ve got older, I am still very much the same in a lot of ways. I am a self-confessed bookworm, history lover and sports fanatic. After completing my education (BA English Literature and History, MSc Marketing and Management) I am now working in marketing. Overall, I try to be happy in everything I do and seize opportunities to get the most out of life.

Courtney Bastian childhood photo

Courtney Bastian – Curatorial / Education

I grew up on a dead-end lane in upstate New York with my two sisters and grandparents living next door.  I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, jumping on our trampolines, and running wild with the neighbor’s kids.  I became interested in history, primarily kings and queens, during high school, which led to a BA in history with a concentration in European studies.  Currently, I work as a museum registrar at a nineteenth century mansion and am continuing my education towards a graduate certificate in museum studies through Harvard University’s Extension School.  My passion for the museum realm and art history inspire me to travel, and in the near(ish) future I hope to backpack through Europe.


Lucy Bickley

Lucy Bickley - Curatorial / Education

Lucy lives in Cannock UK, and spent most of her childhood dancing, eating (as can be seen in the photo above!) or visiting heritage attractions across the country. She recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Ancient History and History and found a particular interest in the untold stories of women. Lucy is continuing her studies with a Masters in International Heritage Management and hopes her work will challenge stereotypes and curate innovative ideas in museums across the globe. If Lucy’s head is not in her laptop, she can be found engrossed in a good murder mystery or visiting her local cinema.

Monique Brough childhood photo

Monique Brough - Curatorial

Growing up in one of the sunniest places in New Zealand, I was surrounded by books and knickknacks as a girl. Initially only reading about the natural environment, I stumbled across a book on Queen Victoria aged 9 and became hooked on history, reading the entire junior section on the ancient world of the local library. With a thirst for knowledge I went to study Classical Studies and History at University. Now studying towards a Master of Museum Studies and travelling the world as I go, I love exploring the history of the places I visit and getting among the locals. I’d love to work with collections and share the stories of the past to those who thirst for knowledge like me.

Emma Bryning

Emma Bryning - Curatorial/Education

Emma grew up in Nottingham, the home of Robin Hood, where she spent most of her time robbing from the rich to feed the poor, with her band of merry girls… Well, maybe not. She has, however, always loved museums and heritage sites – influenced by trips to Nottingham Castle and Chatsworth House (where she later interned). She pursued this passion all the way to Leeds University, completing a degree in History of Art and a Masters in Museum Studies. Emma is particularly interested in gender studies, specifically the role of women in the arts, and was hugely inspired by, art historian, Griselda Pollock. Emma is currently an intern at a prestigious London museum and also works in events coordination.

Alex Burrows

Alex Burrows - Education

Growing up in a town just North of London, UK, Lexi was used to being close to culture from a young age. A trip to London was never complete without gazing in awe at the incredible Egyptian statues in the British Museum. This wonder never faded and Lexi went on to complete a BA in Egyptology. She is now pursuing her MA in Socially Engaged Practice in Museums and Galleries, specialising in Museum Education. Lexi is convinced the full potential of the 21st Century Museum is yet to be realised.

Vivyanne Collette

Vivyanne Collette - Curatorial

I grew up in Montreal and am half English-Canadian, half French-Canadian. I recently graduating from a Major in Anthropology and  Minor is Art History and I think that combining the two has really enabled me to have a different perspective when viewing art. I often find myself going beyond Art History practices and looking at more socio-political context, using my background to see the potential for social activism, feminism, cultural relativism and so on. I have always loved to travel and I think my studies have supported that interest, in that I not only want to visit places but also learn more about different cultures and communities and immerse myself into them. Currently I am doing a Masters in Art Museum and Gallery Studies and exploring the different ways a person can curate and display exhibition while also championing diversity, appropriate representation and inclusion. 

Chelsea Collison

Chelsea Collison - Curatorial / Education

A Florida native, born on the beach and now living in the swamp, Chelsea has always been attached to the wild and wonderful nature of girlhood.  Spending her childhood climbing trees and crashing into waves, Chelsea grew to have a strong love for living creatures and natural habitats and has found a way to inspire others through her current job at the Florida Museum of Natural History.  Chelsea has a Bachelors degree in Anthropology and is pursuing her Masters degree in Museum Studies, two fields that she is convinced can help tell and preserve the stories of science, art, and history for future generations of girls.

Megan Cooper

Megan Cooper - Curatorial

Megan had the pleasure of growing up in both South Carolina and Georgia before she landed in the south Charlotte area of North Carolina with her twin brother and older twin sisters. She had an early fascination with strong women in history and got into many adventures alongside her twin that resembled those of her childhood idols such as Nefertiti, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read. With her mother’s love of history to guide her, she continues to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Public History from Appalachian State University. Finding her current research passions in gender roles of the 20th century and women in popular culture, Megan hopes to integrate her research with the public sphere. When she’s not working or playing with her German Shepherd, she’s catching up on her favorite historical dramas and clearing out her Netflix queue.

Sage Daugherty

Sage Daugherty - Marketing & Education

Growing up in a small town in upstate New York (my high school was quite literally in the middle of a cornfield…) I used books and history as my escape from my ‘map dot’ town. After graduating college in May with a degree in journalism and minors in history and women’s studies, I’m currently job hunting (and still waiting for my Hogwarts letter!) and planning to move to New York City in the spring. I’m a feminist, book lover and political junkie with a love for historical fiction, theatre and a serious Netflix addiction.

Iona Diver childhood photo

Iona Diver - Curatorial / Social Media

Growing up across the bridge from Edinburgh, I spent most of my childhood in museums, flicking through medical encyclopaedias, or making my friends dig for dinosaur bones in our school playground. The urge to dig, and my strange fascination with bones never left, and my love of Edinburgh saw my complete my degree in Archaeology there. After sating my itchy trowel finger with summers of digging, I am keen to explore the heritage sector, and enjoy challenging the boundaries of history and archaeology wherever possible. I am an avid, if terrible, gamer, gardener, and cat-lover, even if that love is not reciprocated.


Scarlett Evans - Curatorial/Education

I grew up in Camden, London and if it wasn’t for the combined efforts of my parents I would have spent my entire childhood either in front of the television or with my nose in a book. However, thankfully their love of travelling and the outdoors rubbed off on me and I know that whatever career I finally take it will involve exploring other countries and cultures. I am currently doing my year abroad at the University of Copenhagen, studying English Literature. My passions are writing and art and I saw Girl Museum as a perfect chance to pursue both of these, as well as an opportunity to myself become more exposed to and aware of the female experience in other cultures and societies.  


Elisa Jones girl photo

Elisa Jones – Education

I was born and raised in a remote village in rural mid-Wales, in the UK. As a girl, I was often found devouring books, asking ‘why?’, or off having adventures in the wild Welsh countryside.

My love of learning and inquisitiveness led to a degree in Natural Science and an MSc in Biophotonics. Realizing that the thing I loved most about science was explaining it, I left the lab and ended up doing just that while working at Techniquest, Cardiff and then the Science Museum in London. That was followed by teacher training and a stint in the classroom as a Science and R.E teacher.

I’m currently living in rural Pennsylvania, running STEM workshops in the local museum (amongst other things)!

Rebecca King

Rebecca King – Education / Curatorial

Rebecca (Beccy, Becca – Anything will do!) was born and bred in the brewing town of Burton on Trent, UK. She has since lived in the Pork Pie capital of the world, Melton Mowbray, and also studied BA Art History and English Literature in the seaside town of Aberystwyth. Although she was brought up around culture, she only began to appreciate museums later in her teenage years. It was only in 2006, on a school trip to the National Gallery in London, that she realised that museums were going to be so important to her. Since then both academic and personal experiences have led her to develop a strong belief in the power of museums to help and heal and this is the area in which she intends on committing her life to. She is currently studying MA Museum Studies with the University of Leicester.  Rebecca enjoys detective fiction, cooking, singing and watching terrible films!

Kristina Kraemer

Kristina Kraemer - Education / Marketing

Kristina grew up as a true daddy’s girl with a good mix of Barbie dolls, monster truck toys and a room full of bookshelves. After spending many years abroad, she never really got used to the idea of settling down, so her M.A. degree in Cultural Heritage is taking her across borders and cultures searching for the perfect career mix of journalism and museum work. While Kristina completely outgrew Barbies and monster trucks, she will always be a hardcore book worm. And of course daddy’s girl.

Aoife Kurta profile picture

Aiofe Kurta - Curatorial / Education

As a child Aoife loved anything ‘old’ she could get her hands on, holding family heirlooms, antiques, museum artefacts and charity shop treasures in equal and passionate reverence. This interest in the material past led her to a degree in Archaeology and now a masters in Cultural Heritage Management at the University of York. Work and volunteering experience with a range of museum collections – from steam trains to fragile architectural drawings to historic quilts and everything in between – have strengthened her interest and passion to be involved in the heritage sector.  


Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee - Curatorial

Jennifer was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, where she spent her childhood programming Lego robots, trying to read every book in her local library and churning butter at historic houses.  A combined love of artifacts and historical research led her to a BA in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Oxford University.  She is currently pursuing a Master's of Museum Studies at the University of Toronto.  When she's not thinking about making museums better, she enjoys knitting, reading, watching hockey, and baking.


Johannah Lord

Johannah Lord - Education
Brought up in London and now living in the Lake District, Jo is both a town mouse and country mouse. She loved studying sociology in school and carried a lot of what she learnt with her when she went to study women's studies, fine art/art history and curating at university, from foundation level and up to the completion of her Masters. Fed up with attempting to streamline her interests, Jo now embraces the many hats she wears: musician, artist, essayist, tutor, curator, shop manager and mother.
Her love of the relationship between nature/the wild outdoors, social history and arts & heritage led her to work for a well-known conservation organisation. She can often be found excitedly scribbling and planning projects that she hopes will engage with the public through art that empowers, informs, inspires and speaks to everyone.


Áine McKenny

Áine McKenny - Development
Áine is currently studying for a Masters in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Leeds, having previously attained a BA English Literature degree. Her research interests primarily focus on conflict studies and gender studies. From Leeds, UK, she currently works at The Hepworth Wakefield and the National Arts Education Archive based at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


Michelle O'Brien - Curatorial/Education

Michelle grew up in the countryside in Ireland with mostly books for company. While in school she developed a love for history and thus her dream to one day work in a museum was born. This summer she became a tour guide in a museum in Ireland. which is as nerve-wracking as it is exciting for an incredibly shy girl. The next things she wants to cross off her bucket list is to travel the world, get through every book on her ‘to read list’ and conquer her Netflix addiction.  

Grace Osbourne

Grace Osbourne – Curatorial / Education

Grace grew up in Guildford, just south of London. With a historian for a mother, she was regularly taken to the British Museum, National Portrait Gallery and Victoria and Albert Museum. Her particular favourite was the fashion galleries at the V&A. During her Theology degree at Durham University she interned with St Paul’s Cathedral education department. After completing her undergraduate degree, Grace joined a graduate programme working as a teacher in deprived schools in Birmingham. She has recently graduated from a PGCE in secondary science and has just started a part time MA in Education and Leadership with the University of Warwick. Her experience working in low socio-economic areas has made her passionate about access to culture and heritage and now recognises how lucky she was to see so many museums as a young girl. She is excited to work with the Girl Museum as it is accessible to all. Grace hopes that one day she can be influential in access and outreach of heritage and culture to deprived communities.

Charleigh Powell - Curatorial / Education

As a child, Charleigh grew up on the Isle of Wight, a small island off the south of England, but was always seeking adventure and seeing what the rest of the world had to offer her. As a girl, she sometimes struggled with not being a 'girly girl' which at the same time gave her the courage to do all the things she wanted to do, like study War at university. She now wants to work within the museum and heritage sector to combine her passion for history and teaching. Her research throughout this time has focused on how identity has formed, shaped and changed the society that we have lived in over the past two centuries and how it has a direct effect on the world we know today.

Lucy Rivers

Lucy Rivers - Education

Lucy grew up in a small village in Essex and spent most of her childhood either reading books about elephants or playing with her favourite toy elephant.  Although regularly pleading with her parents for a holiday to South Africa to see the elephants, Lucy spent every school holiday visiting various historical sites in England. This did not quite remove her fascination with elephants, but it certainly sparked an interest in history.  Increasingly, she became aware of the way in which history is presented to the public.  Throughout her undergraduate studies in History at the University of Warwick, Lucy studied groups of people who were traditionally hidden from history and the way in which their cultures and lifestyles are, if at all, presented to the public.  Lucy hopes to pursue a career that will allow her to engage with her enthusiasm for education, history, and the heritage sector.

Claire Rochet

Claire Rochet - Curatorial / Education

Born and ‘mostly’ bred in the picturesque South of France, Claire inherited an inability to pronounce the letter H and a love for products that combine a deep contradiction of the senses such as insufferably smelly cheeses. Regardless of honouring the stereotype and being proud of it, Claire also fears labels and prefers to define herself as a citizen of the world after having the chance to live across the globe. She likes to think it gave her an advanced passion for exploring and understanding other cultures. After graduating with a Master’s in Cultural Studies in Edinburgh where she specialised in contemporary art history and the role of art and cultural organisations in society, Claire has been residing for an undetermined period of time in Amsterdam. Over there, she discovered and got involved actively in social justice and intersectional feminism, a discovery that she is glad to say impacted her life for the better!

As any respectable and aspiring academic and museum worker, Claire adores to learn, read, research and write but she also loves attending punk gigs, making bad jokes as well as buying numerous eccentric hats she will never wear. Despite not being totally certain about her future, what she knows for sure is that one of her dream involves using knowledge as a mean to make a difference and open people’s mind. One of the best way would be by pursuing a PhD in Feminist Art, a project she has been considering and working on since recently.

michalina szymanska childhood photo

Michalina Szymanska - Curatorial

Since early childhood, Michalina has enjoyed a good story and she quickly found out that Greek myths are the most fascinating stories out there.  That sparked her interest first in Ancient History and then in Classical Archaeology.  She spent her teenage years obsessing about Julius Ceasar and history of late Roman Republic.  Studying Classical Archaeology at university made her realise that objects can tell as captivating stories as the books, especially about the people who left little written record.  Her aim is to bring these stories to light and share them with others.  

Danielle Triggs profile

Danielle Triggs - Curatorial / Marketing

Danielle spent most of her childhood growing up in West Berkshire, England, with some brief time spent living in Germany and New Zealand, which has definitely contributed to her love of travel and meeting new people. She has always loved reading about women in different times and cultures, particularly in medieval and early modern Europe. She completed an Undergraduate degree in Sociology at Durham University, which heightened her interest in gender and childhood. She recently completed an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Leeds and is hoping to pursue a career as a curator in the heritage sector.  

Brittany Wade

Brittany Wade - Curatorial

Growing up in an eccentric city like Boulder, Colorado taught me to question the status quo and to have no fear when thinking outside the box. Raised as the youngest of three girls by a power-house of a mother, I have never lacked the influence of strong women. My maternal grandmother was a singer, actress, and world traveler who urged me to follow my passions no matter what the odds. She ultimately inspired me to take my education further than I ever thought possible. I graduated with my Masters in Heritage Management from the University of Kent in the UK and got to spend years traveling and researching archaeology in Greece. History has always been written by men, but now it is our turn to tell our stories and inspire the next generation of girls to do the same.  

Alice Whalley

Alice Whalley - Development / Curatorial

Ever since childhood I have loved history, reading and films, not much has changed! I am a self-confessed book worm and find nothing better than discovering new worlds and meeting new figures through a book. I am also passionate about films – everything from Disney to Blade runner – that I learned from my father who built a home cinema in his house. History led me to study East Mediterranean History at university and finally to an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies. My goals are to travel to Japan, a country that I have a fascination of and a love of all things anime, and work in a museum with an interest in sustainability.  

Former Junior Girls

Junior Girl Olivia Anderson of Girl Museum Olivia Anderson - Curatorial

Growing up, I loved little more than cake, Disney and the colour pink. Not much has changed, but luckily I inherited my dad’s adventurous side and adopted his love for culture and the arts. I studied Ancient History and Archaeology at Newcastle University, UK. I am primarily interested in the archaeology of the classical – late Roman/Byzantine Empire, but I love to learn about all periods of history! I’m currently living in Japan, but when I return to the UK I hope to work in the heritage sector.

Tilly Tilly Aspbury - Curatorial

Growing up as the youngest in a household with five brothers and only one sister helped to make me pretty strong and now I'm older I can give any boy a run for his money.I have just graduated History and English from Liverpool University- home of the Beatles. My passion is medieval history, particularly Viking culture and female status in the medieval world. There are many career paths which interest me in the history field, not least among them is writing. As long as I continue to learn and helping others to learn, I will be happy. And I would love to meet a real Viking.  

Lara Band Lara Band- Pictorial/Web Design

Lara has had her finger in many pies, but the ones she likes best are museums and archaeology. She's always enthusiastic to learn new stuff and is equally enthusiastic about disseminating knowledge, especially that of a historical bent.

Briar Barry Briar Barry- Curatorial
Growing up on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Briar spent her girlhood with her feet in the water and her head in a book. She has abandoned a path as a corporate lawyer to pursue her passion for museums and knowledge but still finds time to contemplate the mysteries of the universe with her cat.

LeanneSMLeanne Beard - Curatorial/Development

Leanne grew up in Staffordshire, England. Having two older brothers had a great influence on her early years; being far more interested in toy cars than dolls, and more comfortable in muddy dungarees than pretty dresses. As a teenager Leanne’s passion for art grew and she went on to study art at university. Leanne was always encouraged by her parents to pursue her dreams and to do what she really enjoys. This has led to some diverse changes in career…from Cabin Crew, which was an early childhood ambition, to Lecturer in Art & Design. Having recently completed an MA in Heritage Management, Leanne is now pursuing her goal of a career in museums and galleries.

Seaneen Bell

Seaneen Bell - Curatorial/Education

I grew up in Belfast, birth place of the Titanic and the Delorean car, and loved nothing more than spending time with my great grandmother and grandmother and listening to stories of the past. These fondly remembered moments gave birth to a deep love of the past and inspired me to go on and study for a Degree in History and then a Masters in Museum Studies. I love travelling the world and exploring new cultures and their pasts and hope to make a career as a curator were I get to bring history alive for others.

Samantha Bradbeer Samantha Bradbeer- Pictorial
My love for anthropology and artifacts began when my father introduced me to Indiana Jones and Charles Darwin. At 9, I knew that I wanted to be an explorer and curator. Growing up in a military family allowed me to travel the world, meeting new people from different cultures, which alongside my education and fieldwork has made my passion grow stronger for museum work.

Danyelle Carter Danyelle Carter - Marketing

My girlhood was filled with journaling, self-reflection, and collecting Lisa Frank stickers and coloring books. Oh, and animal crackers! I can’t remember much of my girlhood memories, but I remember wondering a lot about my journey from girlhood to womanhood. My greatest hope in working with Girl Museum is to recall the years I’ve tucked away into my girl flies and use them as lessons for girls and women. I’m such a huge fan of girls and women, I majored in us—I’m a women’s studies major with a concentration in advocacy and activism at Spelman College, a women’s college. I’ve worked with Girls Going Global, National Women’s Studies Association’s Girls and Girlhood Caucus and Spelman’s Research and Resource Center.

Emily Chandler Emily Chandler - Education and Podcasting

I recently finished my PhD on the representation of girls in North American children's television cartoons. I grew up in Perth, Western Australia, where I spent my childhood building forts, dressing up as a witch or pirate, reading copiously and making up stories about girl heroes. Nowadays, I live in Sydney, where I teach film studies to university students. I love to dance, sing, collect diverse dolls, read beautiful children's picture books and write stories about girl heroes, because no matter how much you grow, some things are constant.

Sinny Cheung Sinny Cheung- Marketing
When she isn’t accidentally getting too close to artworks in museums and galleries, Sinny can be found drinking tea or cooking food that is just slightly too hot for her sister. She likes the colour pink, elephants, and planetariums. One day, she hopes to have an observatory, or failing that, a tree house with a telescope.

Abbie Diaz Abbie Diaz- Education
Abbie has been living the nerdy girl dream since childhood, growing up in historical Virginia. Her days were spent hunting for lost pirate treasure, digging for evidence of lost civilizations and trying to trick Smithsonian employees to hire her. Not much has changed since then. She still hunts for treasure, but in library archives or museum storage rooms. She still enjoys excavating, looking for archaeological evidence and artifacts from the past. And she will never give up on her dream of working at the Smithsonian. More than ever, Abbie wants to empower young women through education and share her love for archaeology, history and osteology.

Vhari FInch Vhari Finch- Pictorial
When Vhari was small she spent many hours exploring historic sites, asking annoying questions, painting, and looking for Narnia. Now that she’s (marginally) taller she’s channelling her love of art and history into a career in museums. She’s still checking in every wardrobe...

Kaitlin Froom Kaitlin Froom- Curatorial
When Kaitlin was a little girl she spent most of her time playing outside, reading about dinosaurs, singing and dancing. Today she is studying Women's Studies, Anthropology, and Museum Studies at Florida State University. Her dream is to study feminist and gender theory in order to enact positive change in the way our world views and influences girls.

Jessica Galley Jessica Galley- Education
As a young girl I loved history and english–visiting museums and heritage sites was one of my favourite pastimes on school holidays. I am now pursuing a career in museum education to enable me to pass my passion onto others. I also enjoy singing, reading, and sewing.

Shruti Gautam Shruti Gautam- Education
I strongly believe in the power of interactions because even if you do not agree with the other person, you at least can attempt to stretch your boundaries of truth just by lending your ear to what he or she has to say... That's why I am all for history, music, discussions, museums, and visual arts.

mollysmMolly Gibb - Curatorial/Education

A firm believer in fairy tales, Molly grew up in the Highlands of Scotland exploring the surrounding countryside and searching for fairies whilst building dens in the woods. An avid traveller, knitter, and reader, she loves meeting new and exciting people and discovering what makes us human. Having graduated with a degree in Anthropology with a particular focus on craft and community her dream is to develop a career in the museums and cultural sector.

Ella-sm Ella Goel - Curatorial/Marketing

Ella grew up in the not-so exhilarating English suburbs and so sought escape in reading numerous novels, obsessively watching old movies and visiting museums in the city. This led her to pursue a BA in English and Film and an MA in Contemporary Art, crossing her passion of the arts with the aim of making the world a more thoughtful and feminist place. Ella hopes to one day have her own cabinet of curiosities filled with relics from her adventures and discoveries, which will hopefully lead her to a career in curating.

Chloe Grant Chloe Grant- Curatorial
As a little girl, Chloe wanted to be one of two things: the Little Mermaid or Enid Blyton. Neither of those wishes came true, as she’s now doing a postgraduate degree in Museum Studies. With a great deal of experience working in museums and as a self-proclaimed history geek, she’s always hungry for more. When not indulging her passions for museum engagement and education, she can often be found reading old novels and drinking copious amounts of tea.

Casey Casey- Education/Marketing
Casey grew up on the sunny coasts of Florida, where she spent most of her time playing water sports and exploring national parks. She enjoys being with people, traveling, reading, theater and yoga. As an avid lover of the arts, Casey wants to use her background in history and anthropology to create fun and interactive educational museum opportunities for patrons of all ages. In the fall, she will be continuing her education in a Public History graduate degree program in Tennessee.

Caroline HallCaroline Hall - Education

Caroline grew up in the wilds of Yorkshire, England where she was inspired by stories of fantasy, folk tales and mythology. She spent most of her childhood guiding her reluctant family around many local museums, castles and stately homes with a guidebook in hand and a loud voice developing her love for heritage and museums in all subjects. During this time, she developed a love of late 90s and early 00s pop music, which she continues to honour through her yearly Eurovision party. She has a master’s in Learning and Visitors studies in Museums from the University of Leicester and works as a museum educator in several museums in Manchester. She has recently been questioning what it means to be a girl in the 21st century and has joined the UK Women’s Equality Party.

Emma Hatherall Emma Hatherall- Education
Growing up in an area surrounded by local history Emma has always loved museums and finding out about the past. She spent her childhood watching old movies and solving puzzles, which she still does now, as well as pursuing a career in museums and educating minds as curious as her own.

Junior Girl Kate Havard of Girl MuseumKate Havard - Curatorial

Kate grew up digging for archaeological finds in her back garden in Suffolk, England. Not having found very much she decided to take a degree in Archaeology which proved much more fruitful! She went on digs in Spain, England and a very long study tour in Egypt before deciding she wanted to spread her love of history to others. This led on to being a history teacher in London and then on to a Masters in Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies at the University of East Anglia. She is therefore, passionate about making heritage accessible and hopes to improve people’s lives through wonderful heritage projects!

Hannah H Hannah Hill- Education
As a young girl Hannah knew she wanted to be a history teacher when she lined her dolls and stuffed animals in perfect rows and gave lessons about what she learned growing up in Eastern North Carolina. She carried this dream of hers through college and became a middle school social studies teacher. Hannah continues to keep this dream alive as she completes a M.A. in History in hopes to become a museum educator.

Emily Holm Emily Holm - Curatorial

Emily spent a happy childhood gobbling up museum visits, camping trips, books, arts and crafts, anything related to archaeology, mythology or history, and popsicles. She is now pursuing a graduate degree in Museum Studies. She already has a wonderful dog and knows how to peel a banana with her feet, so her major remaining life goal is to be able to continue growing as a museum professional, to keep learning and having adventures abroad, and sharing her passion for museums and museum learning with others.

Mary HorrellMary Horrell - Curatorial/Education

Mary grew up surrounded by strong females both young and old and spent her childhood climbing trees, jumping in muddy puddles and eating as much as possible. Well, according to the pictures anyway. Despite being slow to catch the reading bug, it took hold of her strongly during her teens, where she also found another new love, that of the past. She decided to further these two passions through a degree in English and History at University of Leicester, before travelling around South East Asia and visiting some life-changing heritage sites, like Angkor Wat and the Killing fields of Choeung Ek. She would like to be involved in the museum sector to pass on stories from the past to inform and inspire the future.

Vanessa Jorion Vanessa Jorion- Education/Curatorial
As a child, Vanessa spent her summer vacations exploring museums and historic sites throughout the US and Europe. Today, her passion for the visual arts can be seen through her research in education and museum studies.

Ayesha Khalid Ayesha Khalid- Education
Ayesha spent her childhood at fun parks, on the beach, at school camps, and generally running around and having fun. As a bookworm and artist from a young age, she was a creative thinker and had an active imagination. Having spent most of her childhood living in Europe, her eyes were opened up to the artistic world around her. She enjoyed mixed academic interests, including visual art, science, and history throughout her schooling life. Ayesha wishes to rekindle her love for the arts through museum research.

Nicky Lacourse Nicole "Nicky" Lacourse – Graphic Design

Nicky spent most of her childhood digging around in the dirt for lost treasures, so it’s not surprising that later on in life she would study a BSc in Archaeology. She specialised Central and South American archaeology which allowed her to travel around and excavate in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Peru and Bolivia. Since graduating, Nicky has taken a growing interest in graphics design, and has been working on several projects in her spare time. She is currently studying an MA in Museum Studies at University College London. Working with the Girl Museum will allow Nicky to combine both her studies and her interests in design.

Emily Lawry Emily Lawry - Curatorial/Education

Emily grew up in the middle of England and – much to her relief – from the age of 8 attended girls-only schools. She spent most of her younger years reading books, knitting scarves for her dolls and losing video games to her younger sister. Having first encountered Classics at age 12, she is still studying it now as an undergraduate at the University of Exeter and hopes to continue doing so for as long as she possibly can. She is pleased to report that her knitting now has far fewer holes in it, although she still can’t win against her sister.

Alex Leigh Alex Leigh - Curatorial / Development

From an early age, Alex held a healthy disregard for the distinction between imagination and reality.  This was probably helped by her mother, who had a habit of inventing additional story lines in books (apparently, there are no dinosaurs in Anne of Green Gables).  Nevertheless, upon realizing that some of the best stories actually happened, Alex took on a degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Oxford.  In September, Alex begins an MA in Digital Humanities, and hopes to create new and enthralling ways to interact with our cultural heritage.  Her photo face remains the same.  

Marisa Lindholm Marisa Lindholm- Curatorial
As a young adventurer Marisa spent many a day outdoors indulging her escapist imagination, searching for answers in books, or finding freedom through music and dance. Some world travels and a few libraries and museums later she has found her love for the arts, history, and anthropology ever growing. She hopes to continue fostering these loves through her research and work.

Jessica Meagher Girl Museum Bio Photo Jessica Meagher - Curatorial/Education

Jess was born in New Jersey, but left on a jet plane to Scotland with her family when she was just a wee six year old lass. When she wasn’t eating, drawing or giggling at cheesy movies, she spent most of her girlhood exploring Scotland’s beautiful highland landscapes, castles (!) and museums with her family and their pet dog. Her love of old things and experiencing new places/cultures eventually led her to pursue a joint degree in Mediaeval History and Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews, with an ERASMUS semester in wonderful wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark where she dodged hipsters on bikes and learned about Vikings. She especially liked learning about the women and everyday people of the past, whose voices weren’t as frequently recorded in historical sources. She continues to love laughing, eating and visiting museums but now does so in Hong Kong, where she teaches English and tries to convince her primary students and herself that she is an actual grown-up.

Natalie Moyanah Natalie Moyanah- Marketing
Natalie was born in Canada to an Indian mother and an African father. After living in Canada and Zimbabwe, her family relocated to England when she was six. Natalie preferred to stay indoors and read rather go outside in the cold. Her inquisitive mind and mixed heritage inspired her fascination with history, architecture, and different cultures—studying Archaeology and Egyptology. Natalie hopes to be a real-life girl Indiana Jones and to present a historical programme aimed at children and young adults. She hopes to one day own a giraffe.

Miriam Musco Miriam Musco- Education Consultant
I've been interested in museums since I interned at the American Museum of Natural History during high school, and I'm really excited to learn from and participate in a virtual museum runs.  My other hobbies are reading, travel, cooking, and fashion.

KSarahOstrach K.Sarah Ostrach
- Education
Sarah spent her childhood in a whirl of curiosity and imagination channeled into the intense hammering of nails, dramatic interpretations of Igor in the supermarket, and getting overly excited by the sight of cows. She hasn’t lost this curiosity, exploring the likes of Chinese teapots, Don Quijote, and ESL—but she could do with more girlish abandon. As such, she continues to wonder and encourage others to do the same with reverence as well as the odd funny face.

Jessica Outten Jessica Outten- Education
Jess hails from southern Virginia, where she grew up with her nose in a book and a love for history. After spending time in college working for a colonial-era museum, Jess has moved on to working in historic houses. She enjoys reading, cooking, dominating in Wii Jeopardy, and is a diehard Washington Capitals fan.

Lucy Palmer Lucy Palmer - Curatorial/Development

I spent the majority of my girlhood trying to keep up with my older brothers. Anything they did I did. As a result of this I was a member of a cricket, rugby and football team, as well as being part of the scouts! As an active child, I spent most of my time building dens or playing let's pretend (my personal favourite was shops!). Today, I live in Manchester, working towards my undergraduate degree in History and Politics. I am passionate about heritage and making it accessible to all!


Victoria Parnell - Education/Development

Victoria spent most of her childhood with her nose stuck in the pages of a good book, or watching National Geographic and BBC specials on her local PBS station. Her childhood dream was to become an archaeologist, and while she did receive a degree in archaeology, she found her true passion in public history and historic preservation. Now she works part time doing grant work for a university while still pursuing career in that field. 

Lauren Peyton

Lauren Payton - Curatorial

Lauren spent most of her girlhood in the south Florida sun singing, reading, and wearing matching outfits with her mom and sister. Nowadays, she teaches music and is finishing up her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. Her goal is to pursue a Masters degree in Political Science, working towards a career quelling the issues grown up girls experience in today's society.  

Izzy Playle

Izzy Playle - Curatorial

Izzy spent most of her childhood in either the library or her local museum, and not much has changed since then. After studying Ancient History and Archaeology, she chose to study abroad for her MA in Museum Studies, and settled on the Netherlands, a country that she now has an unbridled love for. Her particular interests lie in ancient religion and mythology, and how these are portrayed in museums. Currently, she is trying to build up her museum career, and spends her spare time running a book blog.

Charleigh Powell - Education/Curatorial

As a child, Charleigh grew up on the Isle of Wight, a small island off the south of England, but was always seeking adventure and seeing what the rest of the world had to offer her. As a girl, she sometimes struggled with not being a 'girly girl' which at the same time gave her the courage to do all the things she wanted to do, like study War at university. She now wants to work within the museum and heritage sector to combine her passion for history and teaching. Her research throughout this time has focused on how identity has formed, shaped and changed the society that we have lived in over the past two centuries and how it has a direct effect on the world we know today.  

Audrey Purvis Junior GirlAudrey Purvis - Curatorial

Audrey grew up hiking, camping, and exploring the mountains and forests around Seattle, Washington. She found heroes from her family and from the books she read, and she spent her childhood playing, imagining, and trying to be as brave as those heroes. Now Audrey has grown up and developed new passions in history, languages, and art, and wants to work in a museum some day. She just graduated from the University of Washington with majors in Spanish and Art History. She's an explorer at heart and loves to combine all her interests by travelling and learning about new places as much as possible.

Sarah Raine - Curatorial

Having spent a childhood making dens and having stick wars with her brother in rural Derbyshire, surrounded by excellent people and a menagerie of animals (including at one point an injured owl), Sarah had an idyllic start to life. This fascination in the world around her was further inspired by early trips to the Pitt Rivers Museum, leading to four wonderful years at Oxford University studying Archaeology and Anthropology. Having developed open-access publication experience and spending time teaching practically every subject, Sarah is now undertaking a PhD in Media and Cultural Studies, spending her weekends dancing and listening to Soul music; all in the name of research! She hopes to travel more, write wonderful things for interesting people and share it all with those she loves.  

Magda Repouskou Magda Repouskou- Curatorial
Born and raised in Greece, Magda is an art enthusiast, post-punk music lover, and huge Panathinaikos fan. She had a strong inclination towards humanitarian sciences from an early age, which led her to study Archaeology and History of Art. She has gained significant experience in archaeological fieldwork and is now interested in Museology and the role of culture within the social context and everyday reality.

Rachel Sayers

Rachel Sayers - Curatorial/Development

I grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland and was always consumed with a love of everything historical, dressing-up and old Hollywood movies. My fondest memories of childhood are travelling, visiting museums and country houses and pursuing my love of all things historical costume related. This passion has transpired into a career in Museum Studies and I have just finished a Master of Arts in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Leeds. My background in museums mainly concentrates on 20th century costume history; with a particular love of 1940's clothing! I hope to pursue a career in fashion history in museums and within that championing the role of women and girls through historical dress.  

Chloe Simm picture Chloe Simm - Curatorial/Education

Chloe grew up in Leeds, England. The oldest of 4 children, she had a great deal of contact with babies and toddlers whilst growing up. Helping change nappies, bottle feed her brothers and sister and nursing them to sleep culminated in Chloe, at the age of four, deciding to become a midwife when she grew up. However, her enthusiasm for ‘the olden days’ came from a culmination of school trips to Clark Hall and her grandparents’ stories of life during the Second World War. This passion for history resulted in Chloe dedicating 5 years of her life to studying a BA and MA in Modern History. Chloe currently works as Museum Manager for the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth: a role that allows her to immerse herself in the literary lives of three immensely talented literary girls: The Brontë Sisters.'

Erin SykesErin Sykes - Education

Erin spent most of her childhood on some sort of adventure; whether that was a family holiday to the Great British Seaside, camping with the Brownies, or with her nose stuck in a book. She loved (and still does!) Disney princesses, shoes, hedgehogs, and Harry Potter! She always dreamt of being a teacher and spent hours lining up her toys ready for lessons. She did recently graduate with a degree in Primary Education, however, experience at Firepower: The Royal Artillery museum helped her realise her true passion was for cultural and heritage learning. She spends her time reading copious novels, helping at her local Brownie group, and watching too much TV with her family and boyfriend. In the future she hopes to lead a learning team at a top museum.

Julia Templeton profile picJulia Templeton - Education / Curatorial

I grew up in Atlanta, GA as the youngest of 3 girls. My early childhood was filled with make believe and pretend worlds that my parents encouraged my sisters and I to build for ourselves. When I was eight my family traveled to Russia to adopt a new sister and brother, and then 18 months later we adopted 2 more boys.  At the young age of 8, I had traveled across the ocean to visit a country full of its own unique history and culture and I haven’t stopped traveling since. I recently graduated from college with a degree in history. My passions include writing, reading and exploring new cities. I would like to work in museums and help to spread the importance of history to those around me and help the world to see how far we have come and how our future is so bright.

Stefanie Ulrich Stefanie Ulrich – Curatorial

Being born in the oldest city in Germany, Trier or Augusta Treverorum, founded by the Romans, must have had some influence in my passion for history and archaeology! As I child, I read, a lot, mostly books about Ancient Egypt and I always liked going to museums. Weirdly enough, I never considered a career in that field until much later. But I found my way back, after a little detour into English Linguistics, I finished a BA in Visual Cultures and Communications in the Arts (which is a fancy description for Classical Archaeology, History, and Art History) and I just started my PhD at a London University. If I’m not studying or working, I like to spend time with my dog, go for a hike or write on my first historical novel.

Rebecca Valley bio pic

Rebecca Valley - Development

Rebecca spent her girlhood in the chilly northwestern corner of Vermont fishing, target-shooting, and reading to her cats. She began writing stories as a child, but discovered poetry at age 12 and still hasn't given it up. At 18, Rebecca moved clear across the country to Olympia, WA to study comparative literature and history at The Evergreen State College. Reading stories from around the world sparked her passion for story-telling, and particularly for listening to the stories of those whose voices are not often heard. Rebecca spends her time volunteering for women's organizations and non-profits, writing about history and literature, and editing poetry for the literary magazine The Drowning Gull

Helena Wallace Helena Wallace - Curatorial/Education/Marketing

Helena grew up in the beautiful North-East of England, and spent her childhood dressing up as the pink power ranger, jumping off the patio while pretending to be a fruit bat, learning all the words to the Lion King, and reading Jane Eyre over and over again. She loved drawing, painting, creating and generally just being able to stick her hands in glitter, an interest which followed her to University where she studied a degree in History of Art and English. Now, she hopes to travel the world while creating art and pursuing a career in museum and gallery curatorial work, though she still can’t resist a tub of glitter.

KatieWsm Katie Watkins- Education/Curatorial
Katie grew up in Virginia alternating between having her nose in a book and turning over rocks looking for dinosaur bones. After fostering a love of history for her entire childhood, she received a degree in early American history and dabbled in archaeology, archiving, researching and more before focusing in museum education. She delved into public education when she was 14 and now works full time as a Revolutionary War historian and educator.

Kay Whitehead Kay Whitehead- Curatorial
As a young artist Kay enjoyed anything involving paint, glitter, and glue. Today her creativity takes the form of painting in watercolour, and experimental baking and cooking. As a twin, Kay grew up sharing everything and not much has changed since, although now she particularly likes to share her passion for culture, history and the arts.

Rachelsm Rachel Witte- Curatorial
Rachel was born and raised in the south eastern coastal town of Wilmington, NC. At a young age, she developed a love for reading, traveling, and people watching. When it was time to declare a major at college, Rachel knew that history was the obvious choice. After graduating from Christopher Newport University in 2012 with a bachelors in history, Rachel and her husband moved to Kansas for a year and then to Texas. Currently a nanny and a barista, Rachel plans to finish her masters degree in art history and begin a career in teaching.

JulieAnn Young Julie Anne Young- Pictorial
Julie Anne is not sure about talking about herself in the third person, but is sure that she loves history, books, comics, movies, and often functions on far more  tea than is good for her. When she was a girl, she wanted to be a Power Ranger or Jo from Little Women.

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