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Your feedback helps us continually improve our website, offerings, and advocacy efforts for girls worldwide.  Please take a moment to answer the questions below.  Thank you!

What is your age group?
Where do you live?
Have you visited Girl Museum before?
How did you hear about Girl Museum?

What is your main reason for visiting?
What recommendations would you make to improve our website?
What did you enjoy most about your visit?
What exhibition theme interests you the most?
What type of podcasts do you enjoy the most? (Check all that apply.)

How would you rather receive our roundup of girl-related news each month?
Which aspects of Girl Museum do you find most informative and engaging? (Check all that apply.)
Do you have any suggestions on future exhibitions, educational materials, or other projects you'd like to see?
Would you be interested in accessing an online database of girl culture?
Would you be interested in girl-focused games exploring history and culture?  If so, which type?
Are you aware that Girl Museum is entirely volunteer-run and funded by donations?
What would encourage or inspire you to make a donation to Girl Museum?
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