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Chiara Sulprizio, Women's Classical Caucus co-chair

Thank you for sharing Classical Girls! Congrats on this project -- it is really wonderful.

Dr. Serena Connolly, Association of Ancient Historians

Classical Girls looks great and will do an excellent job of bringing insights about the ancient world--and the lives of girls and young women in particular--to a wider audience.


Fantastic project! I will use these in my teaching.


Girl is a unique gift to parents. She must be protected at all costs.


"Girls and girlhood are the silent siblings of women's and children's museums, so it's nice to finally see something that recognizes that girls are worthy of study, research, and celebration too!"


Specifically about Girl Museum: it's a such a great - a needed resource, a great tool for bringing together girls world over and sharing experiences through a variety of voices. Also a fantastic arena for learning as an intern. Hurrah for Girl Museum!


The best thing about Girl Museum is that you can visit any time you feel like it and you will find out that it's always up to date around girlhood. It's certainly one of the closest companions to small and big girls! Go ahead and take a tour....


Thanks to all the girls of our nation and head of the department and also thanks that person who made this site and who works on this website. I m very proud to all the girls and our nation...

Julie Anne

I'm very proud to have been part of Girl Museum and its valuable contribution.


Amazing work.


I am so proud of the Head Girl and all the Girls for creating and contributing to this awesome website.

Keep up the great work!


Great to see this site and your museum! Honoring girlhood is so important. Thank you!


Fantastic site!


This is a good undertaking. many are times when the written word dominated the visual literature in historical research. An opportunity has now been availed to those interested in colonial and women history to utilize visual sources of history.
Please remember Africa in all your planned exhibitions.
Thanks and cheers. 


Love the idea of virtual museums, never even occurred to me, but even more lovely one that is focused on girlhood!


Good one.

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