Across Time & Space

Across Time & Space: Multicultural Representations of Girlhood is a survey of girl images from the beginning of recorded civilization to the present. We have put together images from many cultures and eras to see how girls have been represented in different ways. Certainly no singular image is indicative of an entire cultural viewpoint, thus we have utilized specific and general examples where appropriate.

As many societies do not record lasting representations of people, especially children, and others still have yet to really be thoughtfully examined, this exhibition is necessarily considerate of what images are accessible and informative on the themes we would like to illuminate. There are noticeable gaps both in our show and in the art historical record. This is due to a lack of primary research as well as availability of digital images.


What can we learn from these images about the lives of girls in the past?

Human beings are essentially the same animals we were over 10,000 years ago, though we have a great deal more stuff, and anxieties about said stuff. While much is conjecture and assumption, it is entirely valid to imagine how one would feel when placed in girls' shoes from a thousand years ago.

Emotions are universal. We all experience joy, fear, love, compassion, and anger. We all are subject to the duties and responsibilities of our families and society.

Click on images below of girls from history. What do they say about us?


For fun activities related to this exhibit, for use at home or in the classroom, download our Across Time and Space Education Guide.  This guide is aligned to US and UK educational standards.


Curator: Ashley E. Remer

Editor: Sarah Lynch

Pictorial & Copyright Researcher: Samantha Bradbeer

Exhibition Designer: Lara Band

Curriculum Writer: Miriam Musco

All image copyrights are free, diligently sought, or otherwise acknowledged.

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