It seems obvious who the International Day of the Girl Child would to focus on— girls. And that is correct, on one hand. But this day is also aimed at everyone who is in a position to empower, educate, guide, and support girls around the world. International Day of the Girl Child is not (only) for celebrating the many achievements that helped tear down walls and move obstacles out of the way for girls to pursue their dreams, but it is a day to stand with girls and tackle the problems still ahead of us. This day encourages girls and young women to follow the paths they have chosen, and it speaks to all those of us who can reach out to girls. We may be female or not, wealthy or not, in powerful positions or not. But every sign of support, even the smallest, can help a young girl become an independent, educated, healthy woman. So please, help us and the many initiatives out there, from the UN to your local Girl Scouts to make this world a better place for girls. Millions of girls have their human rights violated on a daily business, are kept from schooling and health care, forced into marriages or labour. Even in first world countries, girls are facing massive prejudice and disadvantage in schools, universities and among their peers. We can change that.

And another thing: International Day of the Girl Child is not limited to just one day a year. It’s every day. Because every day holds the potential to bring these severe conditions to an end, and that’s where we need your help. Thank you.

-Kristina Kraemer
Junior Editor

Girl News International

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