A portion of the “safety plan” that 6-year-old D.L. was required to sign following an alleged incident of sexual abuse at a Southwest Key Programs facility.

When I think of the ‘situation at the border’ everyone is so euphemistically are calling it, I want to both scream and throw up. That it happened at all is unbelievable, but that it is still happening is infuriating. I am speaking of the family separation policy at the US/Mexico border. The tender age facilities. The babies who are being fed and bathed by strangers, some not even remembering who their mothers are anymore. Others believing they have been abandoned. We know the children are being used as slaver labor. We know they are being sexually and physically abused. What are they being told? What lies and fabrications are they being told as bedtime stories? Will they ever recover? Will we? Where are the girls? Why are they not protected. This is the slippery slope, and we are sliding down into a pit of shame. History has its eyes on us NOW. And we have failed. I have no more words.

Ashley E. Remer
Girl News International

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