Who would ever think that so much can go on in the soul of a young girl?

Having positive role models is essential for a healthy girlhood. All of my girlhood heroes, both real and fictional, were known for their strength, will, intelligence and kindness. However, the most significant person frozen in our collective minds as a girl forever is Anne Frank. The tragedy of her life is how she touched and inspired others through dying. Anne herself stood for qualities all girls should strive for: boldness, compassion, creativity, willfulness and loving being a girl.

I always get lost in the intensity of Anne’s eyes, as if she is speaking across time through them. Through the words of her diary, Anne’s honesty and curiosity, fears and humor have inspired many to face their petty demons and rise above small-mindedness and hatred. With Anne Frank as your friend across time and space, you feel the value of your own self-worth and never give up on dreams, always seeing the good and significance in the smallest moments, valuing life above all. She is an unwitting hero who just wanted to be a writer, who just wanted to live.

-Ashley E. Remer

For more information about Ann Frank, check out the Anne Frank Center USA or the Anne Frank House.

Tomorrow, check back to find out about a heroine who wrote some of the most popular books about girls of all time!

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