As defined, a heroine is “a woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for her brave deeds and noble qualities.” I do not have a lone heroine. I have multitudes. Am I breaking the rules?

Is the heroine my mother…for teaching me, loving me, honoring ME! Is it a teacher? Was there one gesture or one moment in a classroom that changed my life? Oh, I know! The ultimate heroine is that movie star, the one I worshipped as a teen. Sometimes, I still worship women that I do not know. It has nothing to do with brave deeds. I do not have a lone heroine.

My mind is filled with the multitude of unknown heroines who have passed through my life. I doubt any of them are household names.

-Lauren Caldwell

Tomorrow, check back to find out about a heroine who was the star of her own comic book series.

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