Anne Boleyn — Ambitious Queen, Hopeless Romantic

My heroine is Anne Boleyn. She is often seen as a villain who betrayed both her husband, King Henry VIII of England, and her sister, Mary Boleyn. Yet she was forced to abandon her one true love and was constantly at the mercy of the ambitions of her family. They forced her to attract the attention of King Henry when his interest in her sister began to wane,  causing a rift between the siblings who had been close until that point. She eventually succeeded in marrying the King as he divorced Queen Catherine of Aragon. Unfortunately, she went through the agony of being unable to please him as she did not produce a son and heir for the Tudor court, their only offspring being the future Queen Elizabeth I. With no heir forthcoming, Henry turned his back on his young wife and plotted against her, eventually sentencing her to death.

In a very short life, Anne Boleyn went through more difficulties than anyone can imagine. I believe that she was an ambitious, unhappy person who yes, could be calculating at times. She also changed the course of history and was the most influential and important queen consort England has ever had. However, she was ultimately a girl who had love to give and just wanted to be loved in return but was instead used and let down by all those around her.

-Jessica Galley

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