Ellie Linton  — Farm Girl and Brave Leader

In my girlhood, I was inspired by Ellie Linton from Tomorrow, When the War Began, the first book in the “Tomorrow” series by John Marsden. When I was young I read this series and fell in love with the character of Ellie. She is a 17-year-old normal teenager living in rural Australia. She is brave, courageous and let nothing or nobody get in the way of her fighting for what she believed in. Her country was invaded and taken over whilst her and seven friends camped out in the bush on a holiday weekend. She led her friends into battle against all odds and came out victorious. She is a born leader, strong and could still show humanity, compassion, and love in the harshest of environments. The strength and drive to move forward encouraged me to always believe in myself and stand up for what I think is right. Keeping true to your ethics and values in the hardest of times is very inspiring. The character Ellie made this so real and helped me understand what it meant to be true to yourself.

-Hannah Corbett

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