Pippi Longstocking — Original Bohemian Girl

When I think back of my girlhood I cannot disregard the marked impact that Pippi Longstocking had on me. The nine-year-old girl came to life through television and movies from the children’s books of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.

At first I was enchanted by the extraordinary persona of Pippi who was like nothing familiar to me. The red hair and freckles accompanied a genuinely relaxed and happy-go-lucky attitude, not to mention the fashion-statement high stockings. I admired Pippi for her individualistic attributes and qualities. My television buddy was confident, bright and brave. She had a distinguished wit along with a great sense of fairness. It felt natural to want to hang out with Pippi, along with her best friends Tommy and Annika, because she always knew how to have fun. Pippi’s bohemian way of living explained her unconventional approach on various issues and is what made her so original.

On top of everything, Pippi was a kid that loved playing. She was fond of swimming, befriending animals, and inspiring amusement. It was all about simplicity with Pippi, whether a bologna sandwich was involved or drinking lemonade out of a jug at a garden party. Even if she seemed too edgy at times, her innocent impulsivity allowed her to pull it off. Pippi taught me how to enjoy the plain moments in life and to believe in myself.

-Magda Repouskou

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