Presenter Krishma Naz, right, records a music show with a guest on Zan TV on May 23. IMAGE: HEDAYATULLAH AMID/EPA/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

It was a busy morning in Kabul, Afghanistan, rush hour, a normal day. Then, in the middle of the diplomatic district, a bomb blasted into the tightly packed traffic, killing at least 90 and injuring hundreds. Terror struck once more, and once more the leaders of countries across the globe reassured that they would rethink measures to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan. Like the United States, who are debating whether troops should be deployed to Afghanistan rather than being brought home.

This debate has been going on for a decade. And terror attacks haven’t ceased. Maybe there’s a different way of change from inside Afghanistan, a change that can’t be shipped alongside troops and bombed into the country. Like empowering the largest part of Afghan society young people, especially women and girls, who are the most suppressed group in Afghanistan today. The new TV station Zan TV maybe a step on their way to freedom. Addressing topics for women, the female presenters and producers raise hopes that real change is possible. Despite the Taliban increasing their power, those women risk their lives and that of their families to stand up for their own rights and those of their sisters, mothers, daughters and friends.

Change is like an avalanche. Once it moves, it cannot be stopped. Once a thought is put into words, it cannot vanish from the face of this earth. It can be suppressed, the people carrying the ideas can be persecuted, tortured and killed. But the ideas will persist. So maybe all these leaders who promised new troops for Afghanistan should rather focus on encouraging and empowering women like those behind Zan TV fearless, educated and whole-heartedly supporting the idea of a free, equal and prosperous Afghanistan.

-Kristina Kraemer
Junior Editor
Girl News International

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