Girls in Horror Movies: Annabelle: Creation

This week I’ll be talking about the 2017 horror movie Annabelle: Creation. Annabelle: Creation focuses on the origin story of the Annabelle doll in the Annabelle/The Conjuring franchise. The movie opens with Samuel making a doll for his daughter, Annabelle, who is then tragically killed in a car accident. Samuel, and his wife Esther, are desperate to contact their daughter from beyond the grave, so they give permission to a spirit (who they think is Annabelle!) to possess the doll. The doll attacks Esther, and so two priests lock the doll in Annabelle’s bedroom.

Twelve years later Samuel and Esther open an orphanage in their home, and welcome six girls and Sister Charlotte. The girls are not allowed to enter Annabelle’s bedroom for fear of releasing the spirit. Janice, one of the orphans, who is crippled by polio, sneaks into the room when it suddenly unlocks. She finds the creepy Annabelle doll and unwittingly releases the demon which then begins to scare the girls. The demon particularly focuses on Janice and reveals that it wants “her soul”. After putting up a hell of a fight, Janice is unfortunately possessed by the demon.

Janice’s best friend Linda notices Janice’s change and confesses to Samuel that Janice found the doll a few nights earlier. Soon after, Janice transforms into the demon and brutally attacks and kills Samuel, and Esther. Sister Charlotte locks Janice in the bedroom with the doll. The next day, the police arrive and search the house. They find the doll but they don’t find Janice!! Janice appears to have escaped by digging her way out via a hole in the wall. The movie then ends with Janice at an orphanage in Santa Monica, where she goes by the name of Annabelle.

In terms of girls in Annabelle:Creation, there is a multitude that could be discussed here but, in particular, Janice plays a leading role. Janice has fought through a terrible start to life which has culminated in her living in an orphanage, as well as having had a battle with polio which has left her without the use of her left leg. Janice is strong and brave, despite her physical disability. She is intelligent and self-aware as she suspects that the ‘presence’ is coming after her because she is the weakest, physically. Even after she is thrown out a window by the demon, she remains determined to not give in but, unfortunately, the power of the demon is too great and she cannot overcome it.

Moreover, Janice’s friend, Linda, is the first to notice that there is something wrong with Janice after she becomes possessed. Linda is then extremely brave and uses her initiative to try and destroy the Annabelle doll as she knows that the demon originated from there. This, however, backfires and the demon kills her. This doesn’t draw back from Linda’s determination and her protective nature towards her friend.

Annabelle: Creation fervently explores the bravery of young girls, in particular Janice and Linda, as well as the power of friendship, and I feel it is the perfect movie to finish this blog series because of these brilliant themes.

-Lexi Burrows
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.


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