Photos courtesy of Kayla Strange.

As part of an upcoming video project for Girl Museum, Junior Girl Libby Serra is interviewing local artists from her community in Michigan. She wants to get college women’s perspectives on art and the future of their careers, so stay tuned for the video! In the meantime, read on for Libby’s interview with local artist, Kayla Strange.

Kayla Strange is a junior at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI. She is a graphic design majors and an all-around amazing artist. She finds her main passion and expression in painting. I got to talk to her about her passions, process, and future plans!

LS: How/why did you start creating art?

KS: I wanted to be an artist my whole entire life and that’s all I ever wanted to be. My dad paints and draws really well and I always watched him as a child.

LS: What is your process?

KS: I start my process by coming up with one main idea, which I then try and draw multiple variations of that idea. Once I narrow down my ideas, I make a mock up, choosing colors and perfecting the piece before starting to create the final version.

Photo courtesy of Kayla Strange.

LS: How does being a woman impact you creatively?

KS: There are more men than women in the art scene seen a “famous” I think as a woman and as an artist I need to get my work out in the world and show that women can do just as much as men.

LS: What is your advice to young girls who want to start?

KS: My advice to young women starting out is that you can’t be shy about your work. No matter how you feel about your work, you need to show people and get it out there — that way you can get more critiques and grow as an artist.

LS: Artists you look up to?

KS: I look up at all types of artists…Picasso.

LS: Favorite form of expression and why?

KS: My favorite form of artistic expression is painting — I love that you are using your hands to create something.

LS: What would you like to do in the future?

KS: I would like to be a full-time painter as well as a graphic designer.

-Libby Serra
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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