According to the most common origin myth of the Greek goddess Athena, she did not have a girlhood of her own. Instead, she was born, fully grown, from the head of her father Zeus, after Zeus had swallowed her mother, Metis.

This was a bit different than my own childhood experiences, but as a girl I drawn to everything about the world of the Ancient Greeks — their art, their history, and, of course, their stories. I enjoyed stories about all of the different Greek gods, but as the goddess of wisdom AND warfare (not to mention weaving), Athena was a draw as a figure of many talents. She was the friend of the greatest Greek heroes, and beat out Poseidon to be the patron deity of Athens. I did not grow up to flaunt a fashionable gorgon’s head on my armour (not yet, at least) but my passion for Ancient Greek mythology and culture did stay with me, and led me to study Ancient Greek language, history, and archaeology as an adult. This passion also would lead me to Museum Studies, so I would be able to share some of the wonderful artifacts, and the stories they hold with others. I have also spent time preparing to pose for gigantic temple statues, just in case.

-Emily H.

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