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Guest Blog: With My Feet on the Ground

This year alone I’ve lived the lives of four different girls (as well as being myself for some of the year), all with a different story to tell. At the beginning of the year, I played a young Jewish girl called Elsa, hiding away from the Nazis with the help of a young...

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Criminal Girls: Slender Man

Slender Man came into being in 2009 on the Something Awful internet forum. He was portrayed as a paranormal character who abducted children. The photo-shopped photos quickly went viral and inspired fan fiction, cosplay and artwork from around the world. It led to a...

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Women’s Museums Shine in Istanbul

Last week, I attended the 1st Asian and European Conference of Women’s Museums on Feminist Pedagogy: Museums, Memory Sites and Practices of Remembrance in Istanbul, Turkey. This was the second conference I have attended in Istanbul, the first in 2016 about women’s...

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