Indus Valley‚ 25th century BCE

The Mohenjo-daro dancing girl is one of the earliest existing representations of a young female in human history.

Egypt, 12th Dynasty BCE

Although most cultures across North Africa painted their eyes, the black outline around an almond eye has become a trademark image of the Egyptians.

Greece‚ late 4th century BCE

Women and children in Ancient Greece were the property of their fathers or husbands. They had very few rights or means to look after themselves outside of the family structure.

Roman Egypt‚ early 3rd century

From the Roman occupation of Egypt survives a unique collection of portraits that provide unparalleled insight into individuals of that period.

China‚ late 12th century

Young girls are quite often shown as servants in the midst of serving their master, but this one is a Cizhou glazed ceramic stoneware, one of many known reclining child pillows.

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