Spain‚ mid 16th century

The daughters of King Phillip of Spain, the infantas Isabella and Catalina, had their portraits painted many times throughout their girlhoods, almost always in the same type of dress.

England‚ late 16th century

Three Young Girls is a portrait of sisters who have a story to tell. They are each linked to the other in some way, holding hands or arm in arm, showing their sisterhood.

Netherlands‚ mid 17th century

The Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window is often interpreted as a highly psychological scene depicting a young girl reading a letter from her lover.

India‚ early 18th century

The yo-yo is an ancient toy. The earliest known yo-yo was made of terra cotta and dates to around 500BCE.

Italy‚ mid 18th century

Many of Pietro Rotari’s portraits show buxom women with suggestive looks on their faces. La Penitente is a young girl who is either ashamed of something she has done or seen.

Russia‚ late 18th century

Countess Varvara Sheremetev was one of the richest women in Russia in the 1760s. She had a Kalmyk serf named Annushka, whom she educated.

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