Why I Game

I game because I can escape from reality and become something bigger than myself. In games, I am a queen fighting to protect her lands by magic or by diplomacy. I am an expert in combat, be it hand-to-hand, swords, daggers, guns, or bows.

Why I Game: Meeghan

The Nancy Drew games are also very empowering. I’m sure most people have at least heard of Nancy Drew: the teen detective who has been solving thrilling mysteries for close to a century. The games allow you to step into her shoes, as you play as Nancy herself.

Why I Game: Gabrielle V

Gaming helps Gabrielle stay connected with her friends and build closer relationships. The past year or so of our new pandemic world has been isolating for a lot of us; I personally delt with a lot of loneliness early on, and worried that I was disconnecting from my...

Why I Game: Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn streaming video games. Gaming is something which formed a big part of my girlhood! My first piece of gaming equipment was a purple Gameboy. My game of choice? Pokémon! I would get lost in the mission of training my creatures, caring for them, and...

Why I Game: Michelle

Township loading screen. I’m a creature of habit, I love routine and I crave structure. The last year has not been good for this. March 2020, like a lot of people, I transitioned to working from home. While this had its perks (no more three hour daily commute!),...

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