01-07: Catherine Howard

Was Catherine a willing or unwilling participant in her affairs? The evidence points to somewhat willing – though whether a thirteen year old girl, under wardship and surrounded by young men, could truly be willing is up for debate.

01-06: Anne Frank House

Today’s site is about one of the most famous girls in recent history – Anne Frank, and the house she lived in during World War II. Today, the Secret Annex is part of the Anne Frank House museum, which opened in 1960 as a place to discover Anne’s story and discuss the dangers of discrimination, racism, and hatred of Jews.

01-05: Lady Jane Grey

Standing on Tower Hill in London, would you think of the girls? Hundreds of girls have likely been on this site, which dates back to Bronze Age settlements and, later, Roman villages. Yet its fame lies in violence – it is the site of public executions of high-profile traitors and criminals throughout Britain’s long reign. It’s victims include Sir Thomas More, George Boleyn, and his infamous sister Anne Boleyn. Yet in the lists of those executed, the majority are men.
Why? British tradition holds that executions of women were private affairs, carried out behind the closed doors of the Tower of London. This was the case for Anne Boleyn and her successor, Catherine Howard. It was also, potentially, the case for today’s girl – Lady Jane Grey.

01-04: Menstruation Huts, Nepal

Nepal is one of several countries that still practices the building and use of Menstruation Huts. Though varied in location, we felt including the Menstruation Huts of Nepal on Sites of Girlhood was vital – demonstrating that centuries-old harmful practices still exist, and the locations on which they rest are both active sites and, at times, hallowed ground. Girls have died while using menstruation huts, due to the rigorous social customs that must be followed during menstruation. Whatever the reason, these huts are becoming synonymous in the Western world with gender discrimination and – to some – gender-based violence.

01-03: Steilneset Memorial

One Christmas Eve, while Mari Jørgensdatter was lying in bed, the Devil came visiting. Having awakened Mari, he insisted that she go to Kirsti. Mari did as the Devil requested. The Evil One asked Mari if she would serve him…

01-02: Saint Eulalia

According to Catholic tradition, Eulalia was a martyr during the early days of Christianity, when Barcelona was still a Roman city. Her body is entombed in the cathedral’s crypt, which was constructed over the site of a former Visigoth chapel and later Romanesque cathedral, both of which were damaged in attacks. Also, in her honor, thirteen white geese are kept in the cathedral’s Gothic cloister.

So why is she here and honored with white geese?

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