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Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)

‚Äè*Warning spoilers ahead*

‏Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama set in the fictional hospital of Seattle Grace (later renamed Grey Sloan Memorial) and begins with a group of five interns; Meredith, Christina, Izzy, George and Alex. We watch as these interns navigate the beginnings of their medical careers and messy personal lives. The show is now on its 12th season.

‚ÄèThe show has a lot of fantastic relationships (both romantic and platonic) on the show, and while a lot of peoples’ favourite relationship may have been the one between Derek and Meredith, the on/off couple that everyone is rooting for, my favourite couple on the show is Meredith and her best friend and ‚Äòperson‚Äô Cristina. Cristina and Meredith begin as interns together, and the first time you really see how much the blunt Cristina values Meredith is when she realises she is pregnant and books an abortion, and she needs a ‚Äòperson‚Äô to go with her. She tells Meredith that she is her person, and throughout the rest of the show they refer to one another as their ‚Äôperson‚Äô.

‚ÄèWhile they are both ambitious and successful surgeons their paths diverge slightly when Meredith starts a family with Derek. While Meredith struggles to balance being a mum and not being able to devote as much time to her career and her research, Cristina has never wanted children and has the time, ambition and talents to succeed. Her work in the field of cardio leads her to be nominated for a Harper Avery Award, a prestigious medical research award. This obvious difference in how their careers are going causes friction between the two. They end up repairing their friendship by talking it out, realising they need each other in their lives.

‚ÄèThroughout all the crazy things that happen on the show; hospital shooting, plane crash, marital problems, career issues the two are always there for each other with tequila, dancing it out and heart to hearts.

‚Äè-Danielle Triggs
‚ÄèJunior Girl
‚ÄèGirl Museum Inc.

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