Amy Poelher from Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler from Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is an ensemble mockumentary style comedy set in a small town in Indiana. The crux of the show is Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, who is determined, smart and enthusiastic about her low level government job. The characters that work with her are quirky and silly, but together they all form a team and end up getting stuff done.

The show begins with Leslie meeting Ann Perkins, who is a nurse and a concerned citizen who wants help from the Parks department. Their relationship starts as a working one, with Leslie working with Ann to fix her problem, but it soon becomes one of the most important relationships on the show.

Ann and Leslie quickly become best friends. They go through heartache together and are there supporting each other in all that they do. Their friendship is the perfect example of ladies helping other ladies. Leslie thinks that Ann is the best nurse in the world and frequently showers her with exuberant praise such as, “ You are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox,” and “ Oh Ann, you beautiful, naive, sophisticated, newborn baby.” Leslie supports Ann in everything she does and views her as the perfect woman and friend.

Ann supports Leslie throughout her many professional excursions. When Leslie runs for city council, Ann is right there beside her, and even works as her campaign manager, even though she has no experience as one. Ann frequently helps Leslie with her fashion choices and uplifts her when she is feeling down. Ann serves as a constant encourager to Leslie and is always there for her.

Unlike many other TV shows that create conflict for drama, Leslie and Ann never have a falling out or stop being friends. They have their differences occasionally and fight once in a while, but they never stop loving and supporting each other. Their fights are usually because they love and support each other so much that they feel they need to step in and intervene when the other is going down a path that they are too good for.

Leslie and Ann are a great role model for female friendship. They love and support each other. They have fun together. They care about each others professional and personal life. They truly want what is best for each other and they understand each other. The show thrives on the core female relationship between these two strong, brilliant, funny women who support each other and those around them and that’s why this show is such a brilliant piece of television.

-Julia Templeton
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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