Looking to volunteer with a worthwhile cause? Giving your time to Girl Museum is truly rewarding and couldn’t be easier!

“I’ve been a volunteer with Girl Museum for just over a year and a half, and I’ve never met such a great bunch of kind people. The whole team are so supportive of whatever you do, and really take the time to help each other out with anything. I recommend them all of the time, to anyone who will listen, and plan on sticking around for a really long time.” – Devon Allen

Almost all of our projects are done virtually, so your volunteer time is typically spent where you choose. If you would like to get involved as an individual, with your family, or as a group, we welcome your contributions.

Volunteer opportunities exist in all areas of our museum, including:

  • Guest blogging,
  • Curatorial research,
  • Events in your community,
  • Fundraising or grant writing,
  • Developing educational materials,
  • Conducting outreach and marketing,
  • Social media platform co-management,
  • and much more!


Pro Bono Services Needed

Do you or your company offer pro bono services to non-profits? Interested in collaborating on a project that will benefit both of us? Here are some services that Girl Museum desires from professionals and/or companies:

  • Game design.
  • Graphic design.
  • Legal consultation concerning copyrights and privacy issues.
  • Marketing.
  • WordPress design and issue resolution, including…
    • Accessibility for those with special needs.
    • Design of a new website.
    • Design and integration of our Girl Culture Archive.
    • Development of new website components.
    • Resolution of design issues.
    • Security consultation.

Have other services to offer? Let us know using the form below.


How to Apply

Send through your details — such as your research interests and career goals — and let us know how you would like to volunteer. ¬†We would be happy to discuss your interests and how you can make a difference in the lives of girls.

Let’s make it happen!

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