Émilienne Moreau-Evrard

Émilienne Moreau-Evrard (4 June 1898 – 5 January 1971) is known in French history as the Lady of the Loo. She was not a nurse, nor a soldier, but an average civilian trying to defend her own village.

Émilienne was born in Wingle, France and moved to the village of Loos in 1914 when her father purchased a grocery shop, completely unaware of what was going to happen later in the year. In October 1914 German troops started to invade Northern France and later that year in December her father passed away. Émilienne was 17 years old when the First World War was declared and had the aspiration of being a teacher. In February 1915 this became a reality when she was helping poor children by teaching them in a basement, as most places became bomb damaged by the war. However, this is not what she is most recognized for during the First World War. When the German soldiers started to come through the village, Émilienne became angry. One day when she was walking home, she came across a German Fort, then¬†ran to the Scottish soldiers of the Black Watch to give them the precise location and information on the Germans’¬†whereabouts. With this information, given by a brave 18 year old woman, the Black Watch were able to take back the village of Loos for the French. For her efforts, Émilienne was awarded the medal of the Croix de guerre.

Émilienne became more notable during the Second World War as being a part of the Resistance. For more information about this amazing woman please do check her out!

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