What a year! Truly it dragged and flew by all at once! (do I say this every year?)

I want to thank the team here at Girl Museum. We have had such a challenging couple of years, together and individually—starting families, raising, kids, juggling multiple jobs, caregiving, graduate school, and COVID. As these unusual times continue, we had adapted, freaked out, moved through it, hit the wall, started over, and kept going. Particularly I want to shout out Tiffany Isselhardt, our Program Developer. Her compassion and dedication keep Girl Museum going, for reals. Her December has been rough, including being within striking distance of the recent tornados in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I am so grateful for her perspective, her work, and her survival skills.

And as always, I am thankful for our community. Our wonderful patrons and donors are the lifeblood of this organization, you are the best!

We wish everyone a relaxing, safe, and happy holiday season and heads up for a brighter 2022.

Strength and hope,

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