Erica Wexler is captivating the art scene through her dreamy and spiritual style. There is no doubt that when viewing her works you cannot help but feel a sense of euphoria. 

Born on the 5th of March 1983 in Southern California, art has flowed through her since she could pick up a pencil. From the very beginning her visionary talent made Erica unique from others. Her kindergarten teacher had pulled her father aside to show him her painting that was different from her classmates. This was the turning point that would begin the journey of her extraordinary career. Nurturing her gift, Erica’s father enrolled her into oil painting classes at the age of six until in her teens. Her talent and imagination has soared ever since.

Erica says her style of her art at the beginning of her career was straightforward. She painted landscapes but included her own whimsical fantasy interpretation. Being in the industry for seven years’ full time now she has created her own unique genre that blends fantasy, surrealism and visionary imagery. As an artist in tune with her environment, it plays a part in the process of her colourful ideas. Not only does Erica use oil on canvas but other natural resources such as birch wood panels as a medium for her art. 

Erica strives to invoke feelings of empowerment of oneself through the reflection of her own experiences to tell a story. She calls this ‘intuitive flow’ — a feeling of an energy to carry through the painting. Her distinctive free flow of gnosis imagery that captures women’s natural inner sensuality are prominent depictions of empowerment. The incorporation of under water creatures, flora and fauna, natural gifts from mother earths connects us back to our very core. Lovers intertwined with one another under a cosmic night remind us of the electrical human energy that joins us to one another. This is why Erica is an inspiring artist and role model of the 21st century and is paving a new wave of meaning in art.  

-Eliz Bilal
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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