Venus and Serena Williams

My heroine is in fact a culmination of many, or more specifically, any female tennis player who has achieved top ten status over the years. I have always had an interest in Wikipedia biographies and when a player was in the media for playing a great match I would jump online and read up on their past. I guess I should name one in particular but the best I can do is name a few of these women who, to me at least, particularly stand out as fighters.

What I like most about tennis players is the mental toughness. Tennis is a sport which involves not only showing talent at a young age but a commitment to the sport. Players are often ostracised from a normal childhood through the need to train hours on end starting from a young age. Serena and Venus Williams were both home-schooled, while others like Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, and Monica Seles were students of the tough but very successful Nick Bollettieri academy from young ages.

These women all possess a strong work ethic and talent. But what is most important with these athletes — success is mental strength. Whether it was in a sports or an academic arena I have always thought of these females’ focus, strong determination, and willingness to fight in order to remember that if I truly put my mind to it . . . I can do anything.

-Briar B.

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