Released in 2019 by Asobo Studio, the adventure/survival game ‘Plague Tale- Innocence’ received a lot of positive reviews from critics and players. The game itself is quite short and some would even say simple but it offers an unforgettable experience, one that is full of twists and turns and strong emotions. This is due to its compelling story, endearing characters and immersing atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat. While the game has been compared to ‘The Last of Us’ because of their similar plot, the experience is completely unique.

You play a 15 year old girl, Amici de Run, who has to guide her younger brother through a dangerous world infected with the plague while they are trying to escape the murderous Inquisition that is after them and their family.

The game can be seen as a coming out of age story as we follow the protagonist’s journey growing up. While she loses her innocence as she has to face many violent situations, it’s in her childlike qualities that she finds most of her strength. Dramatic and horrific at times, the game offers many heartfelt moments throughout its course which are mainly carried by Amicia’s dedication towards her brother.
While she shows great strength and courage, she is also very relatable. The game is not scared to show her vulnerabilities and shortcomings. She makes mistakes and can even be short-tempered and unfair in reaction to her younger brother’s naivety and forgetfulness. This makes the game feel authentic and universal despite its very particular environment.

It also strengthens the connection between the protagonist and the player. Like every teenager, Amici is trying to cope and deal with a world she does not completely understand and that is very difficult to accept. This is a situation that many teenagers echo and that make growing-up so often challenging, regardless of our life experience.

Despite the hardships and the bleakness of the environment around her, she keeps going forward and we get see her find her way and, in the end, revealing a completely new dimension to the game.  One that was there all along filled with hope and silver-linings. And that will leave you feeling invigorated and inspired!

-Claire Rochet
Girl Museum Inc.

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