One of my girlhood heroines was Ginny Weasley. I have always enjoyed reading, so most of my heroines existed in books. I remember going to the library with my nan and using half of her book allowance as well as my own to make sure I had enough books to last me until next time. 

But the Harry Potter books are the first I really remember capturing my attention. I was always waiting for the next one to come out, anxious to find out what happened, and desperately avoiding spoilers! I still reread them most years, usually only from the Goblet of Fire onwards. Last year I read them all again, and was reminded of all the strong female characters who appear in the series.

I think most people’s first choice of character would be Hermione because Ginny Weasley largely appears to be a side character. But, she is also a strong character. Throughout all the books she is shown over and over to be a strong woman, supporting and continuing the work of the ‘Golden Trio’ even when they weren’t around in the Deathly Hallows. She takes a role as leader in the place of Harry, Ron, and Hermione and ensures the resistance they began. She stands up for what she believes in, and is a feminist. Whilst she becomes the hero’s girlfriend, she never takes on a damsel in distress role, something other books seemed to do with female character. I always felt some of this was lost in the film adaptations. 

All the female characters in Harry Potter inspired me in some way. Ginny inspired strength, and leadership, and 10-year-old me thought she was pretty cool. 

-Beth Dockery
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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