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Girl Entrepreneur #006

Name: Nina Devani
Location: London, UK
Business Name: DevaniSoft Ltd.

Aged just 14, London-based Nina Devani founded her business DevaniSoft Ltd. after her father’s Facebook account was hacked. On top of this, her father also had trouble remembering his various different passwords. Nina came up with a solution to these problems; she devised a password management software to make use of the internet more secure.

Her first creation was ‘Prompt Me Nina’ an app that prompts users on both usernames and passwords without giving away your actual passwords. In order to get her business up and running, the young entrepreneur had to raise £10,000. Her passion for her business impressed private investors and her company has been profitable since launch.

Nina believes “in making things happen rather than dreaming about them” and despite the pressures and challenges that come with running a business, she has impressively overcome all obstacles she has faced. Even more impressively, she did all of this while studying for her GCSEs and A Levels!

Nina was shortlisted for the Natwest Everywoman Awards in 2014 and was the youngest ever nominee. She is exceptionally encouraging of other young entrepreneurs: “I would say that never think that you are too young to start your own business and don’t think that it’s all too much of a task to start…Don’t give up and keep persevering because you have to try in order to succeed!”

Since its origins, DevaniSoft has grown into an impressive and successful business. Nina now has five employees and an additional 10 consultants working for her. She’s currently working on new projects to launch that she hopes will continue the success of her already established ventures. She also plans to study economics at university. Her ambition knows no bounds!

-Phoebe Cawley
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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