Photo Courtesy of Libby Serra

My experience at the International Girls Studies Association Conference at Notre Dame, held at the end of February 2019, was AH-MAZING! It was so fun to finally get to meet a few of my fellow Girl Museum ladies as well as see Tiffany’s presentation on Site of Girlhood. One of the coolest things was seeing my design on the advertising table. I felt so much pride in myself and Girl Museum.

My favorite was learning about the Girlfesto and the amazing things this indigenous women’s group has done. Putting a spotlight on domestic abuse in Native American communities and giving these kids a positive outlet and teaching them about their worth was so inspiring. These kids have the courage to speak out and talk about a tough topic while also empowering themselves, uniting not only their communities but also indigenous women and kids on an international scale.

I felt so much empowerment and inspiration from these women, I learned about topics and issues that women face on an international level that I wasn’t aware of before this. Seeing how these women overcame and continue to fight for what is right was beyond inspiring. This conference made me realize why I love Girl Museum so much, making just the smallest difference or creating an empowering environment is so important. I am so happy I was able to accompany Tiffany and Hillary to this event, the emotions and inspiration I felt will forever be a motivation in my work and art.

Photo Courtesy of Libby Serra

I was lucky enough to also share this experience with my mom, an elementary librarian, and she felt the same inspiration I did. It was so fun to get to share this with my mom because we both are such passionate people and got a lot out of this event — she was writing down ideas for her library left and right!

All in all, this event inspired me to my core and allowed to me to take pride in my work as well as ladies work from all around the globe! I’m so proud of this organization and all it does for the women on this earth. Keep empowering ladies, I know I will!

-Libby Serra
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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