Looking for something to listen to on your morning commute? Want to learn about girls over your lunch? There are loads of amazing podcasts out there about and by girls. Join us as we share some of our favorites in this series.

New from bloggers Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton is the At Home With‚Ķ podcast. Lily and Anna have interviewed inspirational women like Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour, to YouTuber and author Zoe Sugg. What makes this podcast different, however, is that they interview from the person’s home.

At Home With… gives an insight to the women’s lives in a way that a traditional podcast in a studio doesn’t. The interviewees open up, discussing their lives and their careers. When the conversation changes, so does the room they’re sat in. As said in the description: “your home says so much about you Рwhere you’ve travelled, who you’ve met, and the kind of person you are.” The podcast is available on most platforms, but on acast photographs are shared of what they’re talking about. In blogger Kate Lavie’s episode, the acast photos even include photos of her oh-so-adorable new kitten. Kittens plus podcasts? Perfection.

All the interviewees are inspirational women with inspirational careers. As potential role models to girls, we get an in-depth look at how they got to their position. What the podcast does so well is share stories of careers that aren’t traditional. Careers aren’t always a straight path: the above mentioned Kate Lavie studied forensic science at university, and it’s important for young girls to know that. There is so much pressure when choosing courses to take and career avenues to go down, it can be overwhelming. What At Home With… does so well is show that success doesn’t travel from A to B simply, and that success can look like more than one thing.

It would be lacking to discuss At Home With… guests being a role model to girls without talking about Zoe Sugg’s episode. Otherwise known as ‘Zoella’, they talk about her life as a life as a young businesswoman, what life is like living in the spotlight, as well as the stunning interior design of her and boyfriend Alfie Deyes’ brand new home. There’s no great shortage of interviews with Zoe, but this one being with friends shows a different side to the YouTube star. Focusing on interior design and being in the personal setting of her own home, the interview felt friendly and relaxed and makes a nice listen that you almost feel part of.

That said, my fear when this podcast was released was that it was just going to be a few episodes of chats with their blogger friends, with all it’s in-jokes and nostalgia included. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. While a lot of the guests are in some way related to Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton, quite often in their mutual blogging careers, that’s not always the case. They also have on the podcast Alexia Inge, co-founder of Cult Beauty, Lisa Eldridge of renowned make-up artist fame, and Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour magazine.

Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton give a intimate insight into the lives and homes of their guests. Having the podcast hosted at their home is a fascinating way to get to know the amazing line up of guests. Interviewing ten incredible and influential guests, At Home With… shows how important our homes are to us, and how much they can show about our personalities. Add into the mix the inspirational nature of the guests careers and At Home With… is a firm favourite podcast of this year, and one I would recommend to my past teen self.

-Chloe Turner
Volunteer & Instagram Manager
Girl Museum Inc.

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