Looking for something to listen to on your morning commute? Want to learn about girls over your lunch? There are loads of amazing podcasts out there about and by girls. Join us as we share some of our favorites in this series.

CTRL ALT Delete is the brainchild of Emma Gannon, a blogger, journalist, and author (her memoir is also called CTRL ALT Delete). Girl Lost In The City, the original name of Emma’s blog, is a blog I’ve read for years. Emma is an amazing writer. The blog is honest, open, balanced, reflective and wholesomely relatable. I had very high hopes a podcast would be more of the same, and it delivered.

The podcast is a series of interviews with amazing, inspiring women. Emma interviews everyone from YouTuber Zoella, to authors Matt Haig and Cheryl Strayed. Feminism and social media are the main themes that run through the talks; one interview with feminist writer Jessica Valenti explores gender issues, while another with Julia White, who works at Twitter, explores how social media is affecting all our lives. Serious issues are tackled in light conversation; there are jokes in-between the debates. That’s what makes it so engaging.

What struck me most with this podcast was the openness of it. Not openness in a reveal-all way, but in an I-feel-like-I’m-sat-listening-to-my-friends way. I’d find myself laughing while listening on the train, like I was part of the conversation, so joined the laughter.

Technically speaking, the first twenty or so episodes are flawed, but that improves. The sound is sometimes crackly and the volume fluctuates enormously. Word of warning, listening with headphones on a train is tricky, one second it’s too quiet to hear under the train announcements, one second it’s loud enough to pop an eardrum. But ultimately, the flaws are nothing but endearing. The flaws are a reminder that the podcast is coming from a spare room through pure passion of creating, not from a studio just to plug the book.

The episodes are inspiring and motivational, but in a realistic, unintimidating manner. I wish I had this podcast when I was a young girl, to be able to hear voices of incredible women doing incredible things, and realise ‚Äúmaybe I‚Äôll do something incredible one day‚Äù. Well, I‚Äôm now 24 and it’s better late than never.

-Chloe Turner
Volunteer & Instagram Manager
Girl Museum Inc.

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