Caitlin Haacke, founder of Positive Post-It Day

Do you love TED Talks? So do I. Today’s post is a continuation of our Girls of TED Talks series, which focuses on young girls who have presented at TED events around the world with their inspiring ideas.

At 16, Caitlin Haacke set out to change the world – with post-it notes! Caitlin had been bullied at school, even encouraged to commit suicide by one bully. Now an anti-bullying advocate, Caitlin created Positive Post-It Day, a worldwide event to help end bullying. Her movement spread as far as Japan, Brazil, England, and the United Arab Emirates as a way for students to put positivity back in schools and encourage an end to bullying behavior.

Caitlin took the stage at TEDxTeen in 2015 to share her story:

It’s evident that Caitlin truly believes positivity and kindness can change the world – and solve world issues from bullying to world hunger and violence. So what are you waiting for? Go spread the positive post-it notes at your school!

-Tiffany Rhoades
Program Developer
Girl Museum Inc.

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