We are thrilled to announce the return of our GirlSpeak podcast! Yesterday, we published our first new episode after a hiatus to regroup, evaluate, and make a plan for the future of GirlSpeak.

This month’s episode (above) featured Ashley speaking with Dr. Melissa Nolas, co-director of The Children’s Photography Archive, a project that collects photographs by children. They discussed the challenges of such an endeavor and the issues around children as artists, including consent and locating the objects in our cultures that are usually thought unimportant.

The children’s photography archive is the first archive of its kind featuring the works of child photographers. Photography is a powerful cultural form for intervening into public life. Children in contemporary times are not often thought of or treated as photographers, despite the proliferation and accessibility of digital cameras to children. Meanwhile, historical examples of child photographers are very few and far between. As such, children’s opportunities for such public interventions are diminished, as are the opportunities to engage with and learn from the ‘child’s gaze’. The aim of the archive is to provide a space for children photographers to deposit their work, for adults in various capacities to reflect on and think about the ‘child’s gaze’. Learn more about the Children’s Photography Archive here.

The Children’s Photography Archive was also one of the contributors to our latest exhibition, Female Gaze, which is currently on view here.

We plan to continue GirlSpeak with one episode per month, including many more interviews, during 2023. Be sure to subscribe to GirlSpeak on your preferred listening platform, with links available on this page.

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