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Two girls sit at a coffee shop. They are enjoying frappucinos and talking about their upcoming finals.

One is researching topics for her final essay. On her last essay, the teacher wrote, “You need to write about your passions. That will make your writing authentic.” She’s frustrated, and can’t find anything that works.

The other is playing games on her iPhone. A few boys passing by sneer at her. “Trying to get good enough to get a boyfriend?” they ask.

Both are frustrated and angry. One decides to look up “gamer girl” online to try to prove the boys wrong. She clicks on the first link. It’s for a place called Girl Museum. She’s intrigued.

As she scans through the page, which is actually a museum exhibit, her anger turns into excitement. Here’s a place that understands what it means to be a girl gamer. There’s stories of other girls who game, including ones who helped develop games and gaming platforms. Timelines of incredible achievements by female gamers. Profiles of girl gamers working to make the industry more girl-friendly. And stories of how incredible the gaming community can really be. She pulls her friend over excitedly.

The girls spend the afternoon reading through the exhibit – clicking on images, watching videos and podcasts, and reading about people and organizations from all over the world who believe in them and their power to change the world.

The next day, the girls both hand in essays about the power of girls in gaming. They couldn’t stop researching, clicking the links to find more objects and stories to discuss in their papers. As their teacher reads the essays, she sees the girls’ passion shine. They have found something that makes them feel like they belong, that they are important, and most of all, that they can change the world.

That place is Girl Museum. The exhibit is Gamer Girl. And like all of our exhibits, it serves as a place of inspiration, education, and celebration.

Do you want to help continue changing the lives of young girls? To give them more exhibitions and programs – accessible online 24/7 from anywhere in the world – that help them find a community that supports and believes in girls like them?

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You have the power to help us make the world a better place for girls.

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