Thursday is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day! The program was started 21 years ago as a way to expose children to what their parents or mentors do during the work day as well as show them the value of education and a balanced work and family life. It also invites children to think about what they would like their futures to look like and talk with their parents and mentors about how they can accomplish their dreams.

The program was started in 1992 by Marie C. Wilson, president of the Ms. Foundation for Women, and the foundation’s founder, Gloria Steinem, to encourage girls to gain exposure to the business world. It expanded in 2003 to include boys, a move which the Ms. Foundation stated has helped combat gender stereotypes by showcasing men as more involved in family life rather than being strictly professionals. The program has seen over 37 million children each year go to work for a day across the world.

Though the program was primarily geared towards parents and mentors, the program’s expansion and popularity has seen many volunteers inviting children from residential programs or shelters to join them at the workplace for a day, in order to help inspire children to further their education and pursue their dreams, no matter their circumstances.

So what are you doing today? What kind of job would you like to learn more about?

– Tiffany Rhoades
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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