As a child I was completely obsessed with Harry Potter. I loved (and still love) the world of Hogwarts and the magic and mystery of the series. 

The character I found most engaging to watch was Bellatrix Lestrange, played by Helena Bonham Carter. I thought the way she switched emotions and really explored the character was incredible. So, I went in search of more of her films. 

Helena Bonham Carter’s first lead role was as Lady Jane Grey in 1986, and she has since gone on to star in films such as Howards End, Suffragette, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Alice in Wonderland and Ocean’s 8 and will soon play Princess Margaret in series three of The Crown. Whilst she originally acted in Merchant – Ivory romantic films, gaining the reputation of playing solely ‘English rose’ type characters, in her later work she has expanded her range a great deal. She has taken on projects where she looks and sounds completely different to her usual self and has not been afraid to go in a completely different direction to the expected role of women in Hollywood. She has taken on roles that portray women as complex and real characters, not just damsels in distress. This is what I find so interesting about her, and why she is my heroine.

She inspires me to have confidence and be comfortable in my choices. Her varied characters show that there is not simply one way to be a girl – that you can you’re your own choices about how to be authentic. 

-Niamh Hanrahan 
Curatorial Intern 
Girl Museum Inc.

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