The new year is almost here – Goodbye, 2020! For all the grief this year has caused, we are forever thankful for our amazing team, our supporters, and you – our visitors.

With many switching to work-from-home situations, and the increasing need for digital learning resources, we have experienced a surge of visitation, consistently welcoming an average 20,000 unique visitors per month and reaching our 2019 visitation by the third quarter. Our podcast also experienced a surge in growth, with 38% more listeners this year spread across 22 countries. While the final statistics will be released early in 2021, our quarterly tracking is revealing an increasing demand for girl-empowering content in history and culture studies.

Additionally, many of our interns were able to stay on longer than planned. We are thrilled to have such long-term volunteers helping in producing new exhibitions, educational resources, and podcasts as we strive to meet increased demand. Their efforts – despite all that 2020 has wrought – make them the true heroes of our team this year. Our biggest thanks to every single one of our Junior Girls.

As we face the dawn of 2021, our headquarters is a mix of exhaustion, nerves, and excitement. What the new year holds is somewhat uncertain. Scheduled exhibitions will explore girl identity formation; girls who are campaigning for social, educational, and environmental justice, the role of dolls in communicating culture, contemporary art, and what painted portraits can tell us about historical girlhood. We are also working with many new partners, and witnessing a creative surge from our Junior Girls in new ideas and engagement strategies that is unprecedented.

What all this means is continued growth, change, and opportunity. Yet with this comes an ever-present need: the hope of reaching our annual fundraising goal early, to ensure that Girl Museum continues into the future. We need your help to reach this goal as quickly as possible.

Will you make a year-end donation to support our 2021 goals?

Every dollar counts towards our $2,000 goal – which ensure Girl Museum can “keep the lights on” (and the website running) for the year. Click the button below to make your year-end, tax-deductible gift now.

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