Bindi Irwin poses with a lemur
“Bindi Irwin billboard at Australia Zoo” by Sheba_Also, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Bindi Irwin is the 21 year old daughter of famous conservationist Steve Irwin. After his tragic death when Bindi was 8, she has continued the work he started in wildlife protection. She grew up at Australia Zoo, and has worked hard to help educate others on the issues wildlife and the planet are facing in several documentaries. Now, she travels the world, sharing her passion about helping the planet, and learning about the plight of climate change and mass extinction.

Her TV debut was in her father’s documentary The Crocodile Hunter. She became her own silver screen star after his death, when in 2006 her TV show Bindi: The Jungle Girl premiered. In 2007 she won 2 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards for the series and in 2008 won an Emmy and a Logie. Her awards for her television show and her conservation work kept piling up. 

Bindi has been the lead role in the movie Return to Nim’s Island, as well as the lead presenter in Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors. She is an advocate for her families charity Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and has also been an Earth Hour Ambassador. In 2013 she successfully ended a 6 year campaign to prevent bauxite strip mining on the Steve Irwin wildlife reserve. 

From being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, presenting TV, winning conservation, national geographic awards, leading environmental campaigns and being a voice for change Bindi is a girl to be reckoned with. In her 21 years she has achieved more than most would in a lifetime and isn’t slowing down.

-Megan Clout, Junior Girl

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