I grew up watching action and science fiction films. When my family introduced Star Wars to me I fell in love with Princess Leia. She became my role model. She is compassionate and fearless which are few of her characteristics I admire from her. I also love her iconic cinnamon bun hairstyle. Till this day I could not pull such hairstyle as she does.

Princess Leia has taught me a lot of life lessons. My favourite is, fighting for what is right even though it may be tough to win over. 

She is also a natural leader. She is the youngest person to be elected to be a Senator. That is a lot of duty for such a young age! Organa has been leading the Rebel Alliance against Empire, which is a great responsibility, and in a way, she holds the universe’s balance against the Empire.

Even though there are constant struggles that the Rebel Alliance faces, she always look at the bright side of things. Her optimism gives her fellow allies hope that they will succeed.

Another characteristic she has that I love is how quick she comes up with a solution. She’s brave and full of confidence with her actions. Most of the films I watched growing up had a theme of the damsel in distress type of theme. She is unique, she knows her rights and stands up for it.

Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Seeing her last appearance in the film was heartbreaking yet so full of satisfaction. I saw her character development towards motherhood and how she led her allies toward victory.  

The galaxy was lucky to have her, and our universe is lucky to see Carrie Fisher play as Princess Leia. My childhood has been full positivity because of her character. I am thankful for the lessons she has taught me and fellow women like me who grew up with Star Wars. She’s our hero.

-Sian Mariel Legaspi
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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