Thinking about a heroine to write about for this post was difficult. There are so many females that I would consider to be heroines throughout history and in my personal life.

Throughout history, females were often overlooked and were expected to stay at home taking care of family and the housework, while the males were out working on farms, factories or in politics. “Remember the ladies”. This quote was said by Abigail Adams when she was talking with her husband, John Adams, the second president of the United States, about including the ladies in new laws created by Congress. Abigail was proactive in advocating for women’s rights starting in the mid-18th century. 

She was able to influence changes that went on in Congress meetings just by telling her husband to include the ladies. Abigail also supported education for women. She was not afraid to disagree with her husband making her an even more powerful women in history. During her time alive she did not want her letters to be published because she thought that women’s letters should be private. Her letters have been published, after she passed away, giving historians a look into what life was like for the second first lady of the United States. The Women’s Rights Movement did not start in the 1920s, as women had been and still are fighting for their rights to be equal to the men. From studying American history (mostly), I have always been amazed on the impact that Abigail Adams made on improving rights for women. Even though the experiences of women through the 18th and 20th centuries are different from modern day, there are still issues women must advocate for themselves to get the proper assistance. It is crazy to think about how these women impacted the world and led the way for future generations.

-Jennifer Cook
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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