My girlhood heroine was Kim Possible (and even Shego from the same cartoon – the show features two very strong female characters). During each episode, Kim proved how one could do well in school, be captain of her High School cheer squad, and save the world from multiple evil villains all at the same time. On top of this all, she also managed to stay cool and collected. If Kim could manage to keep on top of all of that, then I could most definitely get my homework done, attend my ballet classes, and see friends too. Kim showed me how to thrive at multitasking. 

Equally, Kim was respected by both the people she helped and also her arch nemesis Dr Drakken. She was triumphant in her field and acknowledged for her many achievements. In one episode, her sidekick Ron Stoppable was completely disregarded by the villain who is only concerned with Kim. This contests all the usual representations of female superheroes, or women more generally, who are seen as the aesthetically-pleasing sidekick to a stronger man. The world of spies is one usually dominated by the male characters however, Kim Possible changes this. As a young girl watching these cartoons, and even now, I admired Kim’s passion and strength, as well as her fashion sense and overall vibes. 

The theme song lyrics are especially powerful: 

I’m your basic average girl
And I’m here to save the world
You can’t stop me
Cause I’m Kim Pos-si-ble

She then goes on to say that she will be there for you if you need help and will never leave you alone if you are in trouble. When you combine this loyalty with the confidence of “there is nothing I can’t do”, you are left with the characteristics that most certainly make for a hero. 

-Georgia Licence
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc. 

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