Gracie Pfaff and Content, a woman who benefits from Gracie’s work through Harvest107 microfarm in Haiti. Image: Harvest107.

There are SO many incredible girls in the world today. Each month, I have the honor of presenting them in our podcast, GirlSpeak. Here’s a roundup of the girls in this month’s podcast:

As an added bonus, here’s two incredible girls that I didn’t have time to feature in the podcast and whose projects you’ll have to see to believe.

First, there is 15-year-old Emily, whose project Dear My Blank on Tumblr is a place for people to write letters that they can never send. Within the first week, she received over 300 submissions!

Next is 15-year-old Angela Clayton, an aspiring fashion designer with a line of fantasy and history based dresses that have taken our breath away.

Finally, our biggest congratulations to Professor Mildred Dresselhaus, who became the first woman to receive the IEEE Medal of Honor this year for her leadership and contributions in the fields of science and engineering.

And for more incredible girls, check out our exhibitions, such as Surfer Girl and STEM Girls, and subscribe to our podcast to hear our news and incredible girl roundups at the end of each month.


-Tiffany Rhoades
Program Developer
Girl Museum Inc.

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