When I was a girl, I dabbled with the idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I thought of many ideas – journalist, scientist, lecturer…. but the thing that appealed to me most in my little 11-year-old brain was AUTHOR! I loved reading and writing stories and my absolute favourite author was Jacqueline Wilson. I thought she was amazing!

She followed her dream of being a writer despite it stereotypically not being paid well (which I thought was very brave!) and she produced an endless stream of incredible stories about girls who struggled through numerous different issues. Her books taught me so much. I still remember how often girls in her books would be bullied, which completely resonated with me. I loved seeing how the characters would overcome the bullies and strive for a better life, and that encouraged me and gave me hope for the future! I also adored the BBC adaptation of Tracy Beaker which I would watch for hours and hours. I loved how Tracy would defy authority and do what she believed was the right thing.

Funnily enough, as I grew up I discovered my love of museums which led me onto a different career path, but I honestly think that the joy and the encouragement that I gained through reading Jacqueline Wilson’s books, and hearing about her determination in her own career, have contributed to me being the happy, decisive and strong woman that I am today. 

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