When I was in High school, in my mum’s car, on the radio they were playing this song, goes by…’Just dance, gonna be okay..da..doo.ddoo”. I was immediately hooked by that verse. That girl has changed my life completely… the one and only Lady Gaga.

Yes, my heroine of all time is Lady Gaga. Since I heard that song I have been following her and became her “Little Monster” fan. The more I explored her music the more I exploded to her work outside of music. Back then I was a shy girl, being bullied so much and with Lady Gaga, she has shaped me to become a brave and confident girl today. She taught me how to love and understand diversity of genders and LGBTQ group. She has became the idol of my life, whenever I felt not ok, I always tuned into Lady Gaga’s music. My most favourites singles were “Just Dance”, “Born This Way” and “Bad Romance”.

I remember I went to her concert back in 2013 when she was on her “Born This Way” tour in Bangkok. I was super excited and I wore colorful outfit with a microphone I made by myself with a Lady Gaga tag, and glasses that she often wore in her “Just Dance” era. I also remember that I got a Christmas present of Lady Gaga’s perfume (still using it today). I also collected all of her albums collection from the 2008 till the recent one. At the moment, I am waiting for Chromatica (2020), the newest album; she just released her new single, “Stupid Love”. I love it, since it has “Just Dance” mixed with “Born This Way” vibes. Lastly, the drawing above was my drawing inspired by her photograph from the latest single.

I think Lady Gaga has represented a lot of not just the ‘girl’ issues but other genders’ communities too, her music and work thrive to help, protect and reveal other people that it is okay to be different and unique in your own way.

-Alice Walsh
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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