With only a minor delay, launch day has arrived.A big thank you to everyone who was involved and contributed their time in putting the new website and exhibition together.

Please visit us at www.girlmuseum.org.

Seeing the first stage of a dream coming true is exhilarating and terrifying. Putting your dreams out there for everyone to see and take a shot at is risky. But the important thing is to try, work through the fear and trust that as long as you stick to your vision, great things can be accomplished.

Girl Museum is the culmination of many ideas and projects I started in the past that were not yet fully formed. It takes many elements to come together at the right time for a project to really come together. For me, there were no more excuses. Creating a new institution completely online took some convincing, being trained in conventional art history and museology.

A museum without physical objects may seem weird. However, there are many museums in huge buildings entirely dedicated to ideas with no actual artifacts on display at all. Collecting only information frees us from the restrictions of borrowing objects, building cases, transporting and insuring works of art. We can do this because for the most part because Girl Museum does not use a formalist approach. This means we look at images for their meaning and content, not their brushstrokes and color palette. We are a research and exhibition venue, connecting a community of people and giving them a place to showcase their great work on girlhood.

I have traveled around the world and never saw an exhibition about girls in a museum. It wouldn’t have even occurred to most traditional curators and institutions that girls are a worthy subject–but there are exhibitions about cats, skateboards and dirt.

Rather than waiting for someone else to legitimize my ideas or make my dreams come true, I have done it myself.

-Ashley E. Remer
Head Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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