There are a variety of resources on the Internet for girls.  Below, we feature a collection of resources that educate and inspire girls to lead healthy, happy lives in the pursuit of their dreams.

These resources include our Pamphlets, which address a variety of issues that girls face in their personal and social lives.  We also list various organizations that seek to inspire and empower girls to pursue their dreams.


Printable Pamphlets

We've developed a series of pamphlets to help girls and their families learn about and handle a variety of issues they may encounter.  These are downloadable, printable PDFs that you can share with your family, friends, school, and community to help raise awareness and take action.

New pamphlets are always in development.  If you have an issue which you'd like us to address, or want to help develop a pamphlet, feel free to let us know.

Environmental ResponsibilityHealthy RelationshipsHow to Handle BullyingPositive Body Image 

Empower Girls

Girls' futures depend upon great beginnings.  Empowering girls to lead healthy, happy lives is part of our mission -- and the mission of many organizations around the world.

Below is a list of organizations that provide resources that inspire and empower girls.

A Mighty Girl provides lists of books, toys, and movies as well as resources for parents on raising smart, confident, and courageous girls.

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls believes that you can change the world by being yourself! Started as an online show, Smart Girls is now a community where girls can be heard and answered on the topics that matter to them.  They also feature "Call to Action" campaigns to encourage girls to get involved locally and globally on a variety of issues.

Career Girls showcases video clips of diverse female role models sharing career and educational advice to inspire young girls.

Chick History tells the stories of women's roles and contributions to history.

Feministing provides a diverse collection of writers who cover a broad range of inter-sectional feminist issues, and a community where women of all ages can contribute to the conversation.

Girls Inc Online promotes positivity and empowerment through an online community of girls that support each other. Girls can share goals and view articles and videos that help them envision a future without limits.

Girl Start provides resources for parents and educators of girls interested in Science, Engineering, Technology or Math.

Girl Talk is an organization that provides middle school students with high school mentors. Their website feats resources for parents and educators, and showcases different campaigns that help with communication.

Girl Up, an adolescent girl campaign by the United Nations foundation, empowers girls to be leaders in their communities and engages them to take action to create social change.

Girls Who Code addresses the gender gap in computing and technology through after school clubs and summer programs for middle and high school girls.

HerAgenda is a blog by women, for women. It features articles on issues women face, profiles the agendas of successful women, and provides activities for career women in the United States and Canada.

Rookie Mag is an online magazine created by 17 year old Tavi Gevinson that features content created and submitted by teenage girls around the world.

SheHeroes features online content and videos that help girls envision their own potential with inspiring stories about real-life, successful female role models across all fields.

The Center for Young Women's Health provides girls with general, sexual, and emotional health information, guides, and resources they may otherwise be too embarrassed to ask about or unsure of where to find appropriate resources.

Toward the Stars is a marketplace featuring products that inspire and enable girls to reach for the stars.  They focus on products that upend gender stereotypes, are gender neutral, are environmentally friendly, or support communities.

Learn to Code!

Want more resources on learning computer skills and coding?

Learn about the history & current resources for girls in STEM fields in our exhibition, or check out these resources:

Learn how to make your very own Android apps with AppInventor.

Certstaffic has an awesome webpage on the History of Women and Computers. (Special thanks to Colleen for recommending it!)

Code Studio: Frozen uses characters from the movie Frozen to teach computer coding.

Common Sense Media maintains a list of cool Coding Apps and Websites for Kids, sorted by age range.

Isla teaches computer programming using the shapes and planets.

MIT runs Scratch, a fun website where you use computer programming to create stories, games, and animations - and share them with the Scratch community! A great resource for parents and teachers.

The Alice Project teaches computer programming in 3D! Learn how to create your very own 3D animations.

Thimble by mozilla is an online code editor that makes it easy to create and publish your own web pages while learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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