Girl News InternationalDear Reader,

Over the past week, the world has been celebrating International Day of the Girl, and many groups, activists and celebrities focused on girl projects. The media followed along, so for several days before and after, the public seemed to take a bit more notice of what matters for girls. But it’s important to pay attention every day, every week. For example, how Syrian Girl Scouts still keep on doing what they love, how Indian female students challenge society, how Yazidi girls fled their ISIS punishers and find their way back into life. There is so much that we must not forget, so much we need to talk about. Whether it is International Day of the Girl or not, whether the world media covers these topics or not. Help us share these stories and make every day Girl’s Day. Thank you.

With strength and hope,

Ashley Remer & Kristina Kraemer
Girl New International

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